When you start a venture, you start a process where you start to design, prepare and launch your new business. You can provide a service, sell goods or even work independently, which is currently known as freelance or freelance.

Essential keys for any entrepreneur



1. Do not do things solely for money


Although money is very important for a business, doing things only for it can bring you fatigue, frustration, lose customers and even have a negative quality of service.

Try to focus on doing an activity that you like, makes you feel comfortable and that your effort is rewarded. Try to provide excellent care that makes you and your customers feel good.


2. Give your work the value it deserves, don’t give it away


When starting a business, no matter what sector you want to apply to, it is important that the cost of what you offer is adequate. It is understandable that when you start you cannot charge what you would like, but it is not an excuse for you to give it away. This activity will not only affect you (getting more and more work to complete accounts, frustration and even mediocre clients).

There will also be other people who are dedicated to an activity the same or similar to yours who will be affected, since there will be clients who tell you “they do this job cheaper”. Ignoring all the effort and dedication that each person puts into providing services and goods of excellent quality and with good service.


3. Be patient, don’t give up!


As soon as you start in this world of being an entrepreneur, nothing will come easy, contrary to what some people say, preparation courses and much more. The beginning of any activity is not easy…be patient.

Many problems or inconveniences can occur that make you falter, but everything can have a solution. Take it easy and always try to have professional help and support in case you cannot solve it on your own.


4. Try to be prepared for any change


Depending on the niche in which you have decided to undertake, there will always be changes in the trend. For example, a different way of preparing Instagram and Facebook posts that are more striking, a different style of clothing. Service promotions, a new writing technique.

It can be any change that can be positive or negative for entrepreneurs, but you have to be prepared for them, and when they arrive, take the measures you consider appropriate for your business.


5. Never forget your cybersecurity


Cybersecurity for entrepreneurs or, what is the same, online security is very important. Whether you offer your services through social networks, a website that you have created or you have applied through one. Your personal information and even that of your clients may be at risk.

So it is important to have an anonymous IP or what is the same an anonymous IP address and in this way you substitute your real IP when browsing for the IP that the virtual server supplies to your computer or device. You can get this function thanks to a VPN service. It can help you protect and increase the security of your information online.

Protecting your identity online is very important, as your data can be stolen. And unfortunately, you can even lose your social media account, or login details for your website. And not only that, your customers can be harassed or attacked by hackers who have previously stolen your online identity and take advantage of this to scam more people.


6. Keep your personal expenses separate from your business


The most important thing is not to spend all the money that your business or the entrepreneurial project that you start generates, since you do not know when you are going to need that money, to acquire merchandise, make reforms, update equipment, move premises or any emergency. that your company needs.

An excellent option is to set yourself a profit margin and save the rest and manage it for your business needs.


7. Be honest


The cost of the goods and services they offer should also be adjusted to the level of your skills or the quality of the products you sell.

8. Become a leader

If a group of people are working for you, try to be a role model, in honesty, quality of work, education and communication. In this way, your company will have an excellent environment and performance.


9. Listen to your customers


Some clients may give you advice to improve, from better attention to requesting a good or service that you are not offering. All for the purpose of improvement.

10. Learn from your mistakes


If you have failed at the moment of offering a service, selling some good or in the administration of your business. Take into account those failures to improve and not repeat them again.