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10,000 years later, Cardano wants to resurrect the famous woolly mammoth

Resuscitate a mammoth? And what does this have to do with crypto? Well with Cardano, that's the report.

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But what are the limits of blockchains? This question arises all the more in view of the latest news: Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Cardano blockchain, would consider resuscitating the famous woolly mammoth.

A crazy idea? Without a doubt. Achievable? Why not. Although difficult to take seriously, this ambition of the founder of Cardano is no less real. It is based on concrete scientific elements as well as fundraising that has already reached nearly $60 million.

We give you all the details:

  • A “Colossal” fundraiser of already $60 million
  • Cardano (ADA) and Hoskinson: how big an investment?
  • 2022, a landmark year for Cardano (ADA)?


A “Colossal” Fundraiser Of Already $60 Million


Colossal is an American biotechnology startup specializing in genetic modification.

This startup has particularly succeeded in making itself known thanks to its crazy but scientifically possible project: bringing a mammoth back to life.

From DNA fragments recovered from fossils and making it possible to create an embryo, the participants in this project aspire to see mammoths on Earth by 2027. The startup thus hopes to counter Nature and cause a phenomenon of “deextinction“, this species having died out 10,000 years BC.

$60 million: this is the sum raised so far by all Colossal investors, including the founder of Cardano (ADA) Charles Hoskinson. Led by George Church, a geneticist straight out of Harvard, Colossal has attracted the interest of many big fish across the globe, generating an impressive group of investors. Among them, we note in particular Paris Hilton, who has fully launched into cryptocurrencies and NFTs for a few years.

However, the tech community is most interested in Hoskinson’s participation, and is asking the following question: how much will the Cardano (ADA) blockchain get involved?


Cardano (ADA) And Hoskinson: How Big An Investment?


This question arouses everyone’s curiosity, but its answer may disappoint you.

For the moment, no encryption of the investment of the Cardano blockchain could be established. The same goes for the personal involvement of Charles Hoskinson, who remains very discreet about this project. The crypto pundit, co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain before launching Cardano, made public his interest in this scientific issue, but did not wish to give further details.

It seems legitimate to ask the following question:  is this a purely personal investment by Hoskinson, or is the Cardano blockchain really involved?

On this point, Charles Hoskinson was clear: yes, the Cardano blockchain will support this project aimed at resuscitating woolly mammoths.

How? By using blockchain technology to capitalize Colossal’s resources as much as possible, as well as to protect all intellectual property rights.

Cryptocurrencies are now an increasingly popular source of financing. At the same time secure, varied and above all endowed with extraordinary potential, we easily understand why they appeal. The constraints linked to traditional financing methods only influence startups more and more to bet on the crypto universe for project development.

With nearly 60 million dollars collected and the optimization of the process thanks to blockchain technology, let’s remain vigilant, mammoths could soon tread our streets and spoil our view on the terrace…


2022, A Landmark Year For Cardano (ADA)?


In a highly competitive cryptocurrency universe, Cardano (ADA) proves to be a threat to Ethereum (ETH)

Many cryptocurrency experts believe that even before the end of 2022, Cardano should reach all-time highs. These records would be reached in particular by taking market shares initially held by Ethereum or Bitcoin.

August 1, 2021 marked a peak reached by Cardano, with a valuation near $2.8. In the near future, new records should be reached. Indeed, among the 5 eras of development of Cardano, the next phase will be launched very soon. This next phase is called Basho, whose name comes from a Japanese poet. During this promising new phase, the Cardano cryptocurrency and blockchain would see its scalability and interoperability even more optimized. And as a result, even more investors would engage in this cryptocurrency, creating a virtuous circle.

This success can be easily explained. Cardano is first and foremost a decentralized blockchain running smart contracts on its platform through algorithms. This operation has the main benefit of optimizing a large number of processes, in all sectors.

As a result, absolutely all sectors find it beneficial to use it, the number of applications of this blockchain being infinite. In this logic, the potential demand for this cryptocurrency is just as ambitious.

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