In a world increasingly dominated by virtuality and creative strategies to connect with people, keeping your business up to date simply means the difference between success and failure. And it is that without a doubt times have changed: from the macro advertising investments in radio, press or television, we have been migrating to digital investments, perhaps smaller but better directed. At the end of the day, users are on the web and they are becoming more skilled in handling it and more demanding. Digital marketing is a universe in which we find a lot of possibilities. From native advertising to email marketing campaigns,each strategy can add to the growth and scalability of your business. Join us to discover the best tips to boost your company’s advertising.

Top 3 Advertising Tips to Grow Your Business

1. Make a native advertising strategy


Native advertising is the best example that the world of digital marketing is dynamic and moves at the pace at which people go. It is a strategy that has been breaking paradigms and growing by leaps and bounds, to the point that it is believed that by 2021, it will take more than 70% of global advertising investment. If you are looking for an effective, current format that will give you the results that your company needs, you should develop a native advertising strategy. That if, remember that the best way to design actions that are really effective, is to support you in the work of a Content Agency specialized in the matter.

But what is native advertising? Well, it is simply a content promotion format through paid media, which differs by the fact that this content adapts to the environment in which it is appearing, both in its form and in its functionality. For the user accustomed to digital media, invasive and rigid advertising has become unpleasant, to the point of significantly lowering its effectiveness. But native advertising aims at naturalness. To take into account the user’s browsing objectives and not to be displayed in an intrusive way.

The central axis of this type of advertising strategy is to show covert advertising based on promotional ads, which seek to generate user engagement. It is about fostering trust and the effective search for actions and solutions to the issues that are of interest to them. When a native advertising strategy has been carried out correctly, the user will not be able to differentiate at a glance the contents that are purely informative from those that are also promotional. This undoubtedly has a positive impact on brand reliability.

2. Strengthen your digital presence

It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in. Whether it’s an online clothing store or a local bakery, digital presence is increasingly becoming a key to success. If you are making an advertising investment, be it in Facebook Ads or Google Ads, in native advertising strategies or in email marketing, keep in mind that you must have a digital presence that supports these strategies with the reality of what your brand has to offer. to offer.

It will be worth nothing to make a great ad campaign on social networks, if your social network profiles are not optimal, they do not show the essence of your brand, your product or service. The world of digital marketing is dominated by aesthetics, creativity, and especially authenticity. Only from there will you be able to make true connections with your customers, so don’t neglect the way you manage and manage your social networks.

3. Humanize your brand



And another of the great advertising keys in a world in which the offer is practically unlimited, is to show what is special about your product or service, that makes it worth buying instead of going for the competition . And for this, humanization is a key point. If you have a small business, you can show yourself directly through your different profiles on social networks. If you run a larger company, you can also humanize the brand and speak with its own voice. Combine graphic design with audiovisual resources and relaxed ideas. You will see how your company begins an unstoppable growth.

In short, the vital premise for success in digital advertising is based on the combination of cutting-edge strategies and techniques, with really powerful content. It is only through the presentation of a real value proposition that you will get people to know you, buy from you, become loyal to your product and recommend you. And that is where you will have reached the key point of scalability.