A lot of Nigerians have subscribed to the idea of driving for Uber, Bolts, and other taxi companies in the busy cities of Nigeria. It’s not unusual to see fancy cars parading in the busy roads of Lagos and Abuja especially, with the sole aim of the drivers to want to get a more productive and secure way to earn money.

However, many are oblivious of the process to earn more than the regulars. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past as this article details the process of how you can earn a higher income whilst doing what you do best on the application.


30 Tips to earn more money as an UBER driver in Nigeria


1 – Stay in residential neighborhoods from 5 am to 10 am;

2 – Stay in business neighborhoods from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.;

3 – Stay near hotels from 12 pm to 10 pm;

4 – If you work on Saturdays, know that after 2:00 p.m. the number of races is higher;

5 – If you work on Sundays, the best time is from 06:00 to 23:59;

6 – Monitor the days of concerts or events in the city;

7 – Try to drive in rush hours;

8 – If you are outside peak hours, be as close to commercial buildings and condominiums;

9 – Will it start to rain? Stay close to central regions and commercial areas;

10 – If the rain starts after 4 pm, be close to the commercial regions;

11 – If you accept shared races, try to work when the price has a dynamic of 1.4 or higher;

12 – If the passenger is more than 3 km away, call to find out their destination, so it is possible to cancel if the ride is too short;

13 – Are you at a busy event, show, or airport? Get out of the car with your mobile phone and stay close to the area, so that the chance of getting a passenger is higher;

14 – Have a charger or power bank, as well as a pocket battery so you can charge when you find a USB port;

15 – Close other applications while driving and do not use them to save more battery and internet;

16 – Leave the UBER/BOLT application always open;

17 – Avoid leaving the phone in power saving mode when you are with a passenger;

18 – Have a good internet plan;

19 – Keep the uber app updated;

20 – Update GPS and work with it;

21 – Use a cell phone holder to place it in the car, preferably in the air conditioner, as the cell phone gets hot with prolonged use;

22 – Be courteous to passengers;

23 – Having a rating of 4.75 or higher is essential for UBERX careers;

24 – Offering water and sweets is not a requirement, but it can be your differential;

25 – Have a pen drive with songs of all kinds to please more customers;

26 – If your city receives many tourists, having basic knowledge of English can help;

27 – Study the alternative routes of your city, if the application fails, you already know where to go;

28 – Ask the route that the user always wants to follow;

29 – Take into account the cleanliness of your car for your peace of mind and that of your passengers.

30 – Keep first aid supplies in the car.