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5 Apps Nigerians can use to Earn Free Bitcoin

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Today we are going to talk about the best apps to earn free bitcoins that will give you cash refunds and rewards in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with next to nothing.

This is a great way to start accumulating cryptocurrencies without actually having to buy them directly. When it comes to the future of money, there is a growing consensus that cryptocurrencies will play an important role in the development of new payment methods.

Of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has become the ideal digital asset for people around the world. From Bitcoin debit cards to cryptocurrency credit cards, businesses lure customers with the best offers, cashbacks (refunds) and rewards if they use their card for payments, purchases, travel, etc.

There are tons of apps that offer this “cashback refund” feature and now apps are multiplying to earn free bitcoins!


What are the apps to earn free bitcoins in Nigeria?

First you need to understand how these cryptocurrency apps are able to distribute Bitcoin for free to their users.

These cryptocurrency and Bitcoin refund or cashback programs are linked with ecommerce online stores (directly and indirectly) to earn a percentage of sales when a user is sent through them.

This earned percentage is often known as an affiliate commission.

These cryptocurrency and bitcoin refund or cashback programs give a good portion of this fee back to users who have made purchases through them.

Likewise, when using a prepaid cryptocurrency card (some of them also offer refund or cashback), they return the “Interchange Fee” as a discount to their user.

This model has been time-tested and has brought great results to the operators of these many popular prepaid and credit card programs.

Now, the same model is being applied by many Crypto banks offering cryptocurrency cards.

Before examining the apps and services that offer how to earn free bitcoins, we want to explain how it works in a practical way with examples.

Example 1: Let’s say you want to buy an online course from Udemy which costs #10,000

  • Old Method: You visit the Udemy website and pay #10,000 purchase the course.
  • New 2020 Method: You first visit the Lolli website, click the Udemy link, and then purchase the course for #10,000

The Lolli website offers you an 18% refund in the form of Bitcoin. This means you only spent #8200 on the same course and also earned #1,800 worth of Bitcoin.

Example 2: Another example of the bitcoin cryptocurrency refund program: You are traveling with your family or sweetheart and once you arrive in an exotic place, you want to use AirB & B to book a hotel that costs #20,000

  • Old Method: You visit AirB & B and reserve the hotel by paying #20,000
  • New method: You visit with your mobile, download their app and purchase an AirB & B coupon worth #20,000 using Bitcoin.

So you used the coupon to add money to your AirB & B account.

Foldapp also gives you a 3% refund on the purchase and returns the Bitcoin refund in cash.

Your actual spend drops to #19,400, taking #6,000 back in Bitcoin.

Example 3: You have Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies that you want to spend on online purchases.

  • Old way: You simply pay using your wallet and buy the goods and services you need.
  • New method: You use a cryptocurrency prepaid card from Cryptocom or Wirex and make your purchases.

You get up to 5% as a refund (cashback) and they send it to you in cryptocurrency.

Now, depending on your needs, you can use one of these 3 examples to get reimbursed for your online expenses.

These are just some of the clever new methods used by smart Nigerians to save while making more money while spending their money.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything and you don’t spend anything more, on the contrary, they are completely free programs for everyone.

Now, if you understand the concept and are ready to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency cashback programs, here is the list you have been waiting for.

Best apps to earn free bitcoins in Nigeria and how they work

If you are planning to use any of the crypto-rewards apps listed below, we recommend that you do the following research:

  1. Payment method: find out how the refund and cashback program sends you your earnings.
  2. Do you use a wallet, bank account, or other payment method? Payment frequency – Each refund app works differently.
  3. Study whether the app you are using pays your rewards instantly or whether the payments are weekly or monthly.
  4. Payment threshold qualifications: Just like e-commerce stores, you must purchase goods or services of a certain amount to qualify for a refund or reward program.
  5. Review the amount required to redeem your rewards.

Now let’s see in detail what these apps are to earn free Bitcoins without lifting a finger.

Be aware that some of the apps are available in most international iOS and Android stores.


1. Lolli App



Lolli is a New York-based eCommerce startup that offers users a 30% bitcoin refund for all purchases made through their app. The cashback (refund) is sent to the Lolli wallet of the online buyer.

Users can subsequently sell their bitcoins for fiat currency which is then transferred to their bank accounts.

In short, it allows users to earn bitcoins when they shop.

Lolli app functionality: The Lolli app has a multitude of partners and affiliates.

Currently, it has over 750 affiliates – all of whom provide their customers with various cryptocurrency refunds. The Lolli Crypto Cashback app has excellent online reviews and has been verified by numerous independent buyers.

You can use the app to earn up to 30% in Bitcoin rewards on Walmart, Casper, Hilton, Caviar, TopShop, Macy’s, Sears, Sephora, Expedia,, Groupon etc.


2. Pei App


Pei allows you to shop around the world and earn automatic cashbacks in Bitcoin or cash. You can visit thousands of locations around the world and receive benefits and refunds in Bitcoin.

It uses bank-level 256-bit fraud protection for end-to-end encryption, provides 2-factor authentication, and anonymizes data.

Pei Features: The Pei app allows you to earn Bitcoin or USD when you shop at partner retailers using your linked debit or credit cards. It works with in-store payments, which is an added benefit for users.

Pei app supports many of the top retailers like Zara, Starbucks, Burger King, Target, etc.

Pei allows you to earn more refunds, cashbacks and benefits with friends by offering Pei points in addition to credit card points.


3. Wirex Cryptoback




This is the first refund program that pays you back in cryptocurrency. You can link your Wirex Visa card to the Cryptoback app and convert it into a tool that generates Bitcoin. Its unique cashback system pays 1.5% * in Bitcoin on all in-store purchases.

Cryptoback Features: Offers secure multi-sig accounts so you can manage your cryptocurrency and traditional currency in one place.

It allows you to take control of 21 digital and fiat currencies.

You can top up your accounts using a credit or debit card, bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

The app allows you to manage your expenses with an in-app instant message.

Cryptoback supports the Wirex card which is accepted in over 40 million locations around the world.

The Wirex card allows unconditional access to Over-the-Counter for cryptocurrency and interbank rates for traditional currency.


4. Steem App

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn make money from user-generated content.

The Steem app has launched a program that pays and allows users to earn money by posting their content.

It is a social blockchain that makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content.

It is currently the only blockchain capable of powering real applications via social apps such as Steemit.

SteemSteem App Features:

It’s fast, free and scalable.

Processing on Steem occurs every 3 seconds.

Process multiple Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions .

The app can handle large-scale social applications.


5. CoinRebates



Shop in your favorite online stores and get free bitcoin cashback refunds.

Getting a bitcoin discount is easy on CoinRebates. All you have to do is;

Choose your favorite store.

Make a purchase using your debit or credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin.

Receive Bitcoin as cashback in your account within 48 hours.

Features of CoinRebates:

CoinRebates has a partnership with over 300 resellers.

It pays you Bitcoin as a cashback refund for every dollar you spend.

You can sign up for CoinRebates for free. All you need is just a Bitcoin address.


App to Earn Free Bitcoins: Alternatives

There are many websites that claim to offer free bitcoin and we at talked have highlighted the very best options for you. However, there are still lots of options available to choose from, but be careful, there are lots of scams, too.

Nonetheless, other options that have proven to be legit to earn bitcoin over time include;

  • Coinbase Earn
  • Metal Pay
  • Bird chain
  • Bitrefill (Satoshi earnings)
  • Nuo Network
  • Coinseed Cashback
  • FOLD App
  • Sweatcoin Ap
  • Storm, and
  • Ethlance



People obviously love to shop for free. The emergence of payment services that give refunds in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin could really explode in 2022 and beyond.

When they get Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as rewards and refunds, the interest will automatically increase in using the cryptocurrency cashback apps, instead of the classic point collections.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation for users.

However, we recommend that you do further research on any app you will use to get cryptocurrency or Bitcoin refunds.


Disclaimer: This article should not be relied upon as investment advice. It is important to understand that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and has arbitrary movements. While our reviews and articles are intended to inform users of the cryptocurrency community, investors and traders, they should not be considered trading recommendations for cryptocurrency, exchange or forex broker. We encourage you to do your research before making an investment or using any cryptocurrency exchange

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