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5 Facts you should know about freight transport in Nigeria

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If you want your company to grow constantly in Nigeria one of your best allies will be a good transport service for your products. But how to achieve that? Simple, team up with a cargo transport platform , a tool that would be extremely useful, it will help you manage and plan all the work automatically , creating cargo orders, invoices or bills of lading.

5 Data on the transport of goods in Nigeria


A good organization in the transport of goods will come in handy. Let us explain why. Here are 5 facts you should know!

1. The importance in the supply chain

As you well know, the transport of goods is one of the most important activities for a Nigerian business, it basically it constitutes the closing of a deal between the producer and the client. So fundamental is this fact that it is estimated that within the general evaluation that a client can make of a company, the transport times, the arrival of the product and the effectiveness of its shipment, are around at least 55% of the qualification that this does to the company

In that sense, having an cargo deliverer will make the aforementioned completely satisfactory.  In other words, having a platform that manages all the procedures for sending your merchandise will make you inform your client of each one of the movements that the product takes, so you will not give room for “bad news”.

2. Autonomous carrier


Large companies are generally autonomous carriers, however, this does not mean that SMEs cannot be. Actually, it brings many more advantages than you imagine. For example, you control the arrival times of each product, you guarantee the safety of the merchandise, you save money and you can also provide this service to other companies to have another fixed entry of money

However, autonomous carriers generally tend to be tied up with increased billing and registration processes. At this point it is important to plan all your routes and shipments. If you want to offer transportation services, it would be necessary to verify the solvency and reputation of the companies that can hire you and also offer your services strategically. Once again, a cargo transport platform will be very useful in this process


3. Types of transport


The world of freight transport is full of alternatives, the most conventional depending on the destination can be by land or by air, however, there is one or another something more extraordinary. As a curious fact, we tell you that around 90% of international trade travels by ship, and it is above all a figure that is growing, not only because it is cheaper, but also because it allows you to expand the regional limits of your company

Here, the best strategy to save some money in terms of freight transport will be to make sure which one works best for you . In some cases, shipments by train may be more expensive than shipments by bus, however, with the speed in which your products arrive, your customers will be happy and they can increase the frequency of their purchases or bring new customers. It’s all about balance!

4. Damage insurance


It is essential to have insurance for the transport of your goods. Signing a contract in which the insurer has the responsibility to assume both the damage and the loss of material during the journey of the merchandise , will leave you more calm; we assure you!

There are plenty of insurances, you just have to see which one is right for you and for the means of transport you use . In this case, policies such as the open or the ski pass can be an excellent wild card for all kinds of situations. Also, you can think about having temporary insurance instead of one for each trip , if your case is to transport merchandise very frequently. The options are open, but we promise you that this is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

5. Technological solutions

To close our list of data on the transport of goods, we tell you that, with the passage of globalization, little by little the shipping processes have been automated . Logistics for loading, transporting and unloading products has never been easier.

Among the many technological solutions offered by this sector, the most effective are, without a doubt, cargo transport platforms , as these allow you to pool companies and consignees so that your merchandise leaves from your door to the door. of the consumer. As well as review, manage and plan the delivery processes of a product . In summary, on these platforms you will find a strong and active ally to enhance the growth and performance of your company.

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