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5 new cryptos available on Pancakeswap

Up-and-coming crypto collectors know that Pancakeswap is the haunt of high-potential tokens. On its trading platform, you will find tokens that will make X10 in the space of a week. Although you have to be careful with pump and dump projects. But that in no way tarnishes the reputation of the DEX; it is the ideal place to collect the cryptos of tomorrow. LuckyBlock is the brand new nugget available on PancakeSwap.

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If the project does not ring a bell, we will detail it for you in the following lines. In reality, if you don’t know it, you are “out of fashion” because crypto is a hit on social networks. During this year, LuckyBlock is among the most trending tokens on Reddit. Specialized crypto newspapers talk a lot about the project.  But why all the noise around LuckyBlock?


Play The Lottery Differently With LuckyBlock

5 new cryptos available on Pancakeswap: Opportunities not to be missed!The lottery industry is worth almost 330 billion dollars but very few people manage to profit from the sector. Lack of transparency, greedy bookmakers and high risk of loss prevent a Lamba player from winning the lottery. This is what LuckyBlock seeks to solve: to create a game framework where any player can achieve a jackpot. To achieve this, Lucky Block wants to combat the opacity of the sector through blockchain technology.

In the project framework document, LuckyBlock details the objectives of the project: 

Develop transparency and fairness in games. Create a global lottery where every player has a better chance of winning Provide a solid investment strategy for token holders Contribute to good causes and the community.

Understands that all transactions in the LuckyBlock lottery system are recorded in a distributed and decentralized ledger where anyone can access the information therein. The accessibility and availability of lottery information already makes it a considerable advantage over traditional systems.

In relation to block technology, LuckyBlock writes in its whitepaper:

Blockchain enables faster (usually instantaneous) payment of prizes, as well as full tracking and recording, regardless of the size of the win, thanks to distributed ledger technologies. Additionally, the blockchain certifies both players and their tickets, reducing the likelihood of information being lost, destroyed, or tampered with. the likelihood of loss, destruction or falsification of information.

LBLOCK Has Already Made X10 In Just One Month


5 new cryptos available on Pancakeswap: Opportunities not to be missed!
Price development of Lucky Block (LBLOCK). Source – Coinmarketcap


In this year where the trend is rather downward, there are not many cryptocurrencies that have achieved the feat of LuckyBlock . Compared to its appearance price on CoinmarketCap, LBLOCK has already increased by X10 from $0.00086 to $0.009745. Even more monstrous if you consider the pre-sale price. Those who bought the first “OTC” tokens of LBLOCK total a gain of 3800%. Such results make the lotto token the best performance in the industry for this debut. 

The best is yet to come as LuckyBlock’s lottery game has not yet launched. Once online, the predictions are for a price of LBLOCK which would reach 10 cents dollars in the coming months. However, it should be clarified that the token is not in a good momentum as its price is down 7.86% at the time of writing this article. This is understandable when you see how volatility is invading the market due to the Russian-Ukrainian tension. 


4 Other Promising Cryptos Just Launched On Pancakeswap


While LuckyBlock is clearly at the top of the new high-potential nuggets on CoinmarketCap, there are others that have a fairly promising economic and technological model. 

Cyber ​​Dragon Golds: Play-to-earn developed on Binance Chain

This cryptocurrency is an NFT gaming project that allows you to earn money by playing a game. Like all other metaverse projects, Cyber ​​Dragon Golds gives the possibility to create characters, buy equipment to strengthen them. The ultimate goal of the game is to feed your characters as much as possible so that they are ready to face in a heroic challenge, the ultimate character of the game namely Cyber ​​Dragon. 

ShibaDoge:   A single unified token

The founders of this project have set themselves the goal of reconciling members of the Doge and Shiba Inu community. ShibaDoge believes that these two token memes should not separate as they have a common goal.   Its price has already been multiplied by 10 a week after its launch. 

Hearn.Fi: A purely decentralized stablecoin 

It is a decentralized stablecoin that offers the possibility of having a significant return on staking. From what can be seen on the site, Holders of HEARN, the protocol token can earn up to 90% yield. 

Edufex: training through a decentralized learning system

Edufex is a blockchain-based e-learning platform. According to what can be read on CoinmarketCap, their goal is to enable students to benefit from the disruptive nature of blockchain technologies and to make each stage of their studies and career more captivating, more effective and more rewarding.

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