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Axie Infinity and Bit2Me join forces to increase the gaming community in Spain and Portugal

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Axie Infinity and Bit2Me have signed a collaboration agreement to increase the blockchain game community in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Bit2Me offers since December the possibility of acquiring Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), the native token of the game, from its platform. AXS buyers who are B2M holders can enjoy up to a 90% rebate on transaction costs. The Spanish cryptocurrency company underlines that the great interest experienced by metaverses in recent months has made companies like theirs want to participate in their experiences.

Axie Infinity and Bit2Me

With this alliance, Bit2Me becomes an AXS exchange partner for players in southern Europe and Latin America, who will be able to count on all the advantages offered by the platform. Among them, telephone support in Spanish and Portuguese by native agents. Axie Infinity players will also be able to enjoy the more than 20 features available in Bit2Me’s suite of services. In addition, the Spanish exchange will provide information about Axie Infinity through Bit2Me Academy, its free training space.


Koh Onozawa, CEO of B2M, says that Axie has changed the lives of millions of people around the world and is very pleased with the agreement reached with Bit2Me. For this, Onozawa thanks Jeffery Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity, for making them part of this journey towards greater adoption of Web3.


Play to win


Axie Infinity is the most famous Play to Earn (P2E) game, through which a huge community has been created, showing the immense power of this new way of interacting and monetizing that combines technology, finance and entertainment. Created in 2018 by the company Sky Mavis, in Axie Infinity, players can fight epic battles with their fantastic creatures, called axies. Axie Infinity has surpassed 1,000 million dollars in sales and has one million users.


Bit2Me is one of the reference cryptocurrency platforms in the Spanish-speaking community, with a presence in 100 countries around the world. Last week it became the first company in the first cryptocurrency company recognized by the Bank of Spain to offer services for the sale of crypto assets and custody of electronic wallets.


More than 17 million in an ICO


Bit2Me raised 17.5 million euros in an ICO last September. The ICO was carried out in three phases and this amount must be added to 2.5 million euros more than a previous private round. Led by Huobi Ventures, ICON Foundation, Valhalla Capital, Smape Capital, and executives from Nexo, Amazon, Polygon, Kraken, and Coinbase, the company says.

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