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The list of football teams that have Fan Tokens: price and where to buy them

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A whole lot more of soccer teams are betting on Fan Tokens. They are beginning to see it as a type of blockchain-based asset that, in addition to providing clubs with new financing opportunities, serves to improve the relationship with the fan. In Spain, one of the first football teams to launch its Fan Token was Atlético de Madrid, it was launched in January 2020.

The Atlético de Madrid Fan Token (ATM) had a starting price of €2 and at press time it is trading at  €15.70. A clear example of the exponential growth that this type of asset has had in the last year. In fact, in the 21/22 season, we have seen great teams, such as Valencia CF (Spanish League) or Inter Milan (Italian League), announce their tokens on their shirts.


Football teams with Fan Tokens


Fan tokens are digital assets built on blockchain technology that allow their owners to participate in some club actions and receive rewards. For example, in the case of PSG, the holders of these tokens participated last year in choosing the design of the captain’s armband. They were also eligible for free tickets to league and French cup matches. and Bitci


Currently, there are only two platforms that develop this type of token: and Bitci. Both are platforms for the purchase and exchange of digital tokens, which make use of blockchain technology to bring fans closer to their clubs. However, there are differences., a global partner of the Spanish League, among others, uses the Ethereum Blockchain to develop its tokens. In other words, it develops its tokens with the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum network, which makes it possible to buy them on various exchanges. In addition, the Ethereum blockchain is public and gives the project great transparency. Teams like Barcelona, ​​PSG or Milan are part of this platform.


Bitci Fan Tokens are built on top of the platform’s private blockchain. Therefore, at the moment, these Fan Tokens can only be obtained on the exchange. This is a disadvantage when opening these tokens to the public and is the main reason for the difference in price between the tokens of one platform and another. Teams such as the Spanish National Team, Deportivo Alavés or the Brazilian National Team are part of this platform.


Spanish league:

The first team to launch Fan Tokens was Atlético de Madrid, followed by Barcelona. Teams like Espanyol, Celta de Vigo or Levante have started releasing their tokens less than a month ago.

English league:

The first team to enter the world of Fan Tokens in England was Manchester City, in May 2020. The rest of the teams have joined this summer. The token price displayed is the initial price.
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers: (launch date unconfirmed)

Italian League:


The Italian League teams were the first to launch Fan Tokens. Juventus launched their Token in November 2019, making them the first football team in the world to have a Fan Token.

Other Leagues:

The case of the PSG token has had special relevance in recent weeks due to the signing of Leo Messi. In just one week, the token of the Parisian team went from being worth €18.61 to €52 due to the signing of the Argentine star. In addition, as PSG itself announced, Messi received a large number of these tokens upon his arrival at the club.

  • Spain: €0.50
  • Brazil: €0.37
  • Peru: €0.15
  • Uruguay: (launch date unconfirmed)
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