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Safe moon Prediction 2022-2025 – Best Crypto to Buy?

Safemoon is a young cryptocurrency that has experienced a noticeable drop in price, like most fairly recent digital currencies. Find out the predictions on how its price will develop in the coming years if you are interested in the Safemoon cryptocurrency. You will also discover a better alternative to expand your crypto horizons.

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From the start, let’s see a table that summarizes the predictions on the evolution of the price of Safemoon between 2022 and 2025.


Year Price in US dollars
2022 $0.00000199
2023 $0.00000227
2024 $0.00000243
2025 $0.00000303

Safe Moon Crypto Price Change Description


The current price of Safemoon is USD 0.00000144, rising around 11.67% in 24 hours. This is great news, given the bearish trend the cryptocurrency market is experiencing at the moment.

Since the beginning of 2022, Safemoon has recorded a drop of nearly 14.86%. Overall, it limits the breakage well, compared to other crypto-currencies which are experiencing a more substantial decline.

Partnerships, Events And Significant Services


Since its launch, the developers of Safemoon have been able to establish partnership agreements with other institutions and entities in order to promote their cryptocurrency. Here are some examples of collaborations started, as well as some significant events concerning Safemoon.


Collaboration with EverGrow Coin


Since the beginning of February 2022, a partnership agreement has been concluded between Safemoon and EverGrow Coin. The latter is a utility token and it can now be purchased and exchanged on the Safemoon wallet.


Market launch of Safe moon V2


This is an upgrade of Safemoon that will bring functionality and security improvements to the network. Taxes will be reduced by 80% for e-commerce and wallet transfers. This improved version should make Safemoon more attractive and owners of the old version can migrate to the new one easily and quickly.


Forecasts For 2022 And For The Years To Come


Safemoon has certainly experienced a bumpy ride for several months, observers remain optimistic about its long-term potential. Indeed, by the end of 2022, its price could reach 0.00000199 USD. For the year 2023, it will be reduced to 0.00000227 USD, according to estimates. In 2025, it will even reach 0.00000303 USD.

However, for this increase to be effective, several factors will influence its progression. The first represents the change in major currencies. The fluctuation of giants such as Bitcoin and Ethereum will directly affect small currencies such as Safemoon.

Another point to take into account is the fervor of users vis-à-vis Safemoon. With a probable enlargement of its community of holders, its price will be more likely to increase. Without this growing enthusiasm, the currency risks stagnating or even losing more value.

Discover below the graph of evolution of the Safemoon until today:


Is Safemoon The Best Crypto Of 2022?

Safemoon is an interesting cryptocurrency to buy for several reasons:

  • Good potential future returns thanks to positive observer estimates
  • A price very sensitive to high market volatility
  • A relatively low price, making it an affordable investment
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