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Barça wants to create its own crypto!

If the club has already developed its crypto ecosystem with the launch of a fan token on, it could go much further. With the creation of its own crypto, a metaverse and NFTs bearing the club's image, FC Barcelona intends to acquire a large digital ecosystem. 

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Not a week goes by without a company or sports club announcing its desire to enter the world of digital assets. Whether through the development of an NFT, a metaverse or a new digital currency. And why not all 3? In any case, this is the bet that the FC Barcelona club could take, in the grip of financial difficulties.

Barça Already Present In The Crypto Universe With Socios.Com

Since 2020, the Catalan club has been associated with the platform and its native Chiliz (CHZ) token . It is indeed via this platform that club fans can buy the BAR fan token.

The platform indeed issues several fan tokens from several clubs or sports organizations. For supporters, the possession of these fan tokens allows them to benefit from exclusive advantages such as the choice of colors for a third jersey, the patterns on the captain’s armband or even the music when players enter the field. In the future, the advantages procured could evolve towards even more strategic themes.

For clubs, these fan tokens represent a source of revenue diversification. It is for this reason that the concept of fan tokens has been widely developed during the pandemic, with clubs then being deprived of ticketing revenue. Today, it is again with this aim of diversifying sources of income that the Spanish club wishes to launch its own digital ecosystem.

Good to know: The platform also has other partners such as Juventus Turin, AC Milan, Paris Saint Germain, Manchester City and the prestigious UFC league.

Barca Reject Polkadot And Binance


Last week, the news made the headlines of the Catalan press: FC Barcelona had just refused partnerships with two crypto giants: the Polkadot blockchain and the Binance exchange platform, the world leader in its market.

A strategy justified by the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta:

We want to create our own cryptocurrency, and we have to do it ourselves. We are different because we survive financially on what we can generate through the sports industry.

While the Catalan club is in financial difficulties, the rejection of these partnerships raises questions. But it looks like Lionel Messi’s former side have a bigger vision than just a shirt sponsorship deal. A vision that would make the club the first to launch its own cryptocurrency.

A Desire To Create An Entire Crypto Ecosystem


FC Barcelona’s vision in the crypto sphere seems extremely ambitious. And it also largely explains why the club has just rejected offers from Binance or Polkadot.

Indeed, the club intends to create its own crypto ecosystem via its own blockchain. A blockchain around which a number of other projects could revolve. Risky for some, imperative according to Joan Laporta who presents this project as “a necessity to compete with clubs owned by large companies and foreign investors.”

But FC Barcelona does not want to stop at the creation of a blockchain, as Joan Laporta also recalled:

We are developing our own metaverse, which is why we have rejected the possibility of being associated with any company of crypto currency.

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