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Apple: Tonight’s event could lift the Stock – Strong short-term and long-term bet

The Apple stock is one of the few not to have suffered from the war in Ukraine, which once again proves its defensive qualities and its interest as a long-term investment. The stock indeed closed yesterday at $159, exactly the level it was at just before the start of the Russian invasion.

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And Apple stock should be in the spotlight today and tomorrow, with an event expected after US markets close (and therefore only likely to influence Apple stock tomorrow).


In this analysis, we will tell you more about this event, and we will study other factors that will determine whether to buy Apple shares immediately.

Launch Of A Low Cost IPhone In Sight?

Apple is hosting its first launch event of the year this week, where it’s expected to announce a new iPhone, iPad, and possibly a few new Macs.

Tuesday’s launch will be livestreamed from Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., like all of the company’s launch events since 2020.

During tonight’s event, Apple is expected to announce updating the iPhone SE with 5G support, a faster processor and a better camera, according to Bloomberg News.

But the more important question for investors is whether Apple will keep the same price as the current $399 iPhone SE, which launched two years ago, or whether it will refresh it and continue selling the 2020 model at a lower price. even lower. This could help Apple gain market share from cheap Android phones priced under $399.

Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, wrote in a note on Monday that the new iPhone SE could stand out against budget phones and that there is “pent-up demand” for the model globally.

What Do Analysts Recommend For Apple Stock?

It is also interesting to note that the opinion of professional analysts is particularly bullish for Apple’s stock, which is one of the most followed in the market. No less than 44 analysts regularly publish their opinion on the actions of the firm at the apple.

A huge majority of them, namely 37, recommend that their clients buy Apple stock. The remaining 7 display a neutral opinion, and none advises the sale.

Moreover, the average target of these analysts is $192.85, more than 21% above the closing price last night. The most optimistic analyst has a target of $215, which assumes a potential gain of more than 35%.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Apple Stock?


As is often the case with major events organized by Apple, it is likely that the action will benefit from this, and will appear sharply higher in tomorrow’s trading. In addition, analysts are showing a strongly bullish opinion on the stock, anticipating a solid rise over the next 12 months.

Most importantly, long-term investors will appreciate the fact that Apple stock was unaffected by the war in Ukraine, unlike most other stocks around the world.

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