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Winkyverse: Listing on Bitmart expected!

Launched with a bang at the start of the year, the French project Winkyverse has since suffered greatly from the downward dynamic at work on the crypto market. By launching on the BitMart platform, a recognized centralized exchange, the token and the project could find a second wind. Until it reaches its all-time high? 

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The launch of a project is often accompanied by a wave of enthusiasm from the cryptosphere. In the case of Winkyverse, this enthusiasm will have quickly been dampened by the reality of a struggling crypto market. Let’s see how listing on BitMart could reverse the trend!

Quick Overview Of Winkyverse And BitMart!

Quick overview of Winkyverse and BitMart!


The Winkyverse project is part of the universe of the educational metaverse. Developed by former students of Polytechnique (X), the project was built around a robot to provide knowledge in many areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence or programming. In 2021, the approach was able to seduce investors since Winkyverse was the French crypto project that raised the most funds: $23 million via an ICO carried out over 3 phases.

BitMart is a decentralized exchange that allows over 9 million users to trade digital assets. The platform seeks to differentiate itself from other exchanges by offering direct exchanges between FIAT currencies and digital assets. A vision that appeals to new entrants to the crypto market. To this end, BitMart is one of the few exchanges to have MTL (Money Transmitter Licensing) with 6 American states. On this point, only the Coinbase and Binance platforms do better. For this year 2022, BitMart intends to obtain 10 additional licenses.

According to data from Coinmarketcap, the BitMart platform is ranked 34th in terms of daily trading volume. Over the past 24 hours, users have traded over $1.8 billion. According to the Coingecko Platform Trust Index, BitMart is now the sixth most successful platform on the market.

The carriers of the Winkyverse project should reveal the precise date of the listing this Saturday.

What Impact On The Price Of The WNK Token?

This announcement had a very positive effect on the price of the WKN token, as illustrated by the graph below which shows the price over the last 7 days:

What impact on the price of the WNK token?

On the Telegram group of the project, the announcement of the listing on BitMart was made yesterday around 5 p.m. And this will have an immediate impact on the price of the token, which will rise in a few hours from 0.0085 to more than $0.01.

In the space of a week, WNK experienced an increase of 31.4%. Over the past 24 hours, the increase has exceeded 10%. An increase which nevertheless remains to be qualified with regard to the figures for the last 3 months: – 10.6%. At the time of writing, one WNK token is trading for $0.01033. For 24 hours, the trading volume has increased by more than 95%.

WNK: The Right Time To Buy?


It is difficult to answer this question categorically. Be that as it may, to accompany the listing, project leaders rely on an aggressive communication campaign. Thus, more than 200 media should mention the listing around the world via public relations articles. All the articles will be published between 1 to 3 days before the listing, guaranteeing a certain form of visibility to the project. From the listing, the trading volume and the price of the WNK could then explode.

Upstream of the listing, BitMart should also communicate on its social networks. Whether via Twitter, Telegram or even through its website. The listing on the platform should also be accompanied by a banner on the Coingecko platform. A banner which should also contribute to visibility since Coingecko displays nearly 20 million monthly visitors. Finally, as is often required in such cases, the Winkyverse project leaders intend to establish partnerships with Youtubers or influencers. The project should therefore be widely talked about on Instagram, Twitter or even TikTok to name a few.

Note that if the announcement was made late yesterday afternoon, it seems that it still has positive effects on the price of the WNK. Thus, the announcement effect could be spread over several days. And why not until the listing!

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