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Takashi Murakami enters the NFT arena

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With the growing adoption of NFTs, we see many big-name artists jumping into the ever-innovating world of Web3. Latest artist, Takashi Murakami, iconic Japanese artist, creator of a daisy with a beguiling smile.

A major contemporary artist arrives in the NFT universe


Takashi Murakami is an internationally renowned contemporary Japanese artist and visual artist. He is considered one of the leaders of Japanese neo-pop or Superflat. He was notably ranked in the top 10 of the most expensive artists in the world according to Chritie’s, the famous auction house. His universe is in line with artists like Andy Warhol whose work he admires.

It is therefore an event to see an artist of this stature launch a collection of NFTs based on one of his iconic works. The design of these flowers is in line with the concept of Superflat invented by the artist. A vision born in the 2000s in opposition to the concept of pop culture. An aesthetic based on manga culture and the recent history of Japan after its defeat in World War II.

This collection is an alliance between the world of contemporary art and that of NFT according to the Japanese artist. Through this collection, he hopes to federate a real community around his work.

A major success for Flowers Seed


11,664 images of flowers are available in total with the number 108 at the heart of this collection. Indeed, 108 backgrounds are available as well as 108 fields and finally 108 images of different flowers. The number 108 is a reference to the bonno in Japanese. It represents the 108 desires that bind man to this world and prevent him from being happy.

The collection has been a massive success as it currently ranks second in OpenSea’s largest collections just behind the phenomenon MoonBirds. The Murakami Flowers Seed collection spawned a volume of 24,424 ethers over 7 days with a floor price of over 7 ethers.

For now, only one NFT is available for sale on OpenSea, witness to the success of the collection. The lucky owners of a copy of Murakami Flower Seed seem determined to keep their precious one for some time!

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