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A collaboration between the NFT Clay Nation project and Snoop Dogg announced

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Indisputable superstar in the music world, Snoop Dogg is also very involved in the web3 and specifically in the world of NFTs for quite some time. He participates in it in particular under the pseudonym of “ Cozomo de Medici ”.

If his investments, which amount to several million dollars, are usually made on the side of the Ethereum blockchain, the hip-hop star announced his involvement on the side of the Cardano blockchain, via a collaboration with an NFT project called Clay Nation.

An ambitious NFT project on the Cardano blockchain


It was on March 31 that Clay Nation formalized, via Twitter, the collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici for his NFT project:


This collection is made up of 10,000 characters with unique designs, made of clay, by hand and randomly generated.

This project should also include “iconic” collectibles . As a bonus, there will also be limited edition plots of land and unreleased music, via NFT, as Snoop Dogg has already been able to do in the past.

Very good news, both for NFTs and for Cardano


If Ethereum remains the most used blockchain (by far) for NFTs, it must be said that others are developing! This is a very good thing for the future of NFTs as a whole. Not to mention that it also benefits the blockchains involved. The latter thus gain in usefulness and can constitute real alternatives in the long term.

Thus, there are NFTs on Solana, Avalanche ,or, in this case, Cardano. The latter is also developing considerably, with an increasingly large number of minted projects

In addition, flagship projects are also gaining momentum. This is for example the case of Pavia, Metaverse’s first project on the Cardano blockchain. It now has more than 22,000 unique owners

In addition, Cardano has no less than 900 projects on its blockchain to date. Nearly 50% of them are NFT projects.

Anyway, this plurality of options is, in general, a real blessing for users, who have the opportunity to test other ecosystems, each with its strengths and weaknesses. So many positive signals that could be the source of a bull market on the side of NFTs.

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