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A first historical Dogecoin transaction sent without internet

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With 1.7 billion people out of the banking systems, Dogecoin is focused on making its currency accessible to the global population. Despite a volatile market, she recently got support on Twitter from Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev. Indeed, the latter describes it potentially as “the future currency of the Internet and of people”.

Dogecoin transactions made offline


One of the recent initiatives in this direction is the first – historic – Dogecoin transaction without internet via RadioDoge. RadioDoge relies on the worldwide network of Starlink satellites. Additionally, it uses low-cost radio technology, thus providing cheap access to Dogecoin and in remote areas with haphazard internet infrastructure.

Timothy Stebbing, Product Manager at the Dogecoin Foundation, and Michi Lumin, System Manager, have teamed up to develop a new communication network that allows users to conduct Dogecoin transactions offline. It only requires the backing of the Starlink satellite network, created and owned by the wealthiest cryptocurrency backer, Elon Musk.

Towards a global adoption of Dogecoin


Over the past few weeks, the Dogecoin team has been focused on developing the basics of RadioDoge. Other projects are in the works, including LibDogecoin, a full implementation of the Dogecoin protocols. The goal is to allow anyone to develop a product compatible with Dogecoin.

A second major project is GigaWallet, which allows any developer to integrate Dogecoin transactions into their platform through a configurable API in seconds. The stated objective of all these initiatives is to push a rapid and global adoption of Dogecoin.

Ultimately, this demonstration of sending Dogecoin via radio waves undoubtedly highlighted the usefulness of the cryptocurrency. Elon Musk hailed the potential for the “crypto-meme” to become the people’s crypto. This experience certainly gives some insight into how it might play out.

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