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A kid-friendly metaverse? Lego and Epic Games are collaborating on the project

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Lego is currently working on building a fully kid-friendly metaverse. The group is collaborating on this project with Epic Games. The goal is to create an immersive digital environment that is both safe and fun. Make the metaverse accessible to children? This is the bet they have given themselves!

A safety-focused project

Even if no details have filtered so far on what will be the Metaverse according to Lego and Epic Games, the latter have nevertheless published the principles on which the project is based


First, they will make sure to create a completely secure environment that is respectful of well-being. The idea is above all to find the best ways to protect the privacy of these young users.

To do this, Lego and Epic Games have developed a whole range of tools dedicated to parents, but which also remain accessible to children. These so-called tools will allow them in particular to take control of their digital experiences, but also to secure their connection on the platform

According to Tim Sweeney, CEO and Founder of Epic Games, the Lego Group has managed to captivate children and adults alike through its creative play. And this, for more than a century. He also says he’s excited to collaborate with them and help create a space that’s fun, safe, and family-friendly in the Metaverse.

Boost children’s imagination and creativity


Driven by video games, today’s children like to have fun in virtual worlds. According to Lego CEO Niels B Christiansen, there is great potential for them in the metaverse. The acquisition of new skills that they can use in real life, creativity, communication: these are just as many benefits that they can derive from their digital experience.

For Mr. Sweeney, the metaverse is a kind of big online playground. Children will be able to watch movies on Netflix, meet their friends there or even find a place just for them. The goal is to create a space that is both reassuring and fun.

A concept that works well


Epic and Lego aren’t the first to take an interest in the Metaverse. Remember that Méta, formerly Facebook, has also embarked on a project to create a Metavers. He has also released a fund of nearly 50 million dollars for the project. Pokémon Go creator Niantic has also announced that it has successfully raised $300 million to fund its own Metaverse.

Everyone is waiting for the continuation of the project. We bet that with the creativity of Lego and the knowledge of Epic Games in the field of VR, they promise a unique Metaverse and the most original concept.

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