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A metaverse that allows you to earn income, socialize and organize events is Decentraland

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One of the virtual worlds that offer the greatest expansion due to its solidity within the metaverses is Decentraland, which constitutes a virtual environment that has its economy, whose management is due to the users who have done it in a decentralized manner.

This function is developed on the Ethereum blockchain since users have the possibility of being part of the entire community.

In this environment, there is an opportunity to acquire plots of land and develop any type of construction on them, which will facilitate the organization of events and other actions, including selling them for higher income, using the MANA token, which is the currency of the game.

Features of Descentraland


Decentraland is a metaverse, unlike traditional games, has its characteristics, since in it the players are the sole owners of the virtual world that is under their power or governance, through open transactions and an economy that resides in the hands of their users themselves.

In this metaverse, only the owners can buy and control everything related to the content of their plots, as well as generate income through construction, according to their expansion, having the opportunity to be able to sell it at a higher price using the aforementioned blockchain. to secure purchases, which acts without any type of forgery, or errors in terms of transactions.

In other words, buying, building, deciding, and being part of a virtual community represents a great attraction and, at the same time, a profitable business given the possibility of any sale.

Another of its outstanding characteristics is that the players have spaces where they interact, which are called LAND.

This is an NFT where applications, games, services, or audiovisual scenes can be created.

The most attractive thing is that the purchase of these Lands can cover about 10 m 2, representing the first step to achieve participation in Decentraland, and then have the possibility of grouping in districts or states with other Lands, for the purposes to accommodate new activities.

This means that exclusive events or concerts can be organized for members of the community.

Additionally, it has been possible to create an application called Ágora, which allows the members of a district to have the power to vote, to solve any conflict that arises in the area.


A virtual space


Decentraland is considered one of the most solid metaverses in the current blockchain, due to the number of actions and independence offered to players, who have the freedom to adapt their plots and organize themselves, agreeing in communities, in addition, with the ability to generate income and extra profits through your investment and the improvement of your plots.

Through the game currency built by the MANA token, advertisements, rentals, and paid experiences can be made, this allows creating an internal economy in that virtual space, where all those who have a LAND can participate.

With the alternative that all these participants, being holders of this token, can promote the evolution in Decentraland, exercising their own decisions.

It is a very innovative project in the market since it facilitates the development of everything that we can imagine within the LAND. Also, the more land you have, the more your vote will weigh, in a virtual world where you can share and live.


The function of MANA tokens


MANA is considered the native token of Decentraland, since it is qualified as the currency par excellence of the virtual world, based on Ethereum and called ERC-20, whose use is intended for the acquisition of plots and payment of services within a world virtual.

In addition, it is used within the game as a currency, however, they come to have a tangible value outside of it.

Therefore, the activity in Decentraland can be converted into income for the player, which can then be exchanged for goods, improvements, or services, within the universe itself, and if you prefer, you can exchange MANA for real money on the exchange platforms ( Exchanges), created for it.

Likewise, it is important to note that on platforms such as Binance, you can acquire MANA and, in turn, trade between it and any other digital asset.

Gaming tokens like MANA have the potential to become a relevant format in the future, especially in those starter games for blockchain technology, as well as for use within it.

Influence of the change from Facebook to Meta


This modification has represented a great boost for all those games with metaverse ideas, as is the case with Decentraland.

In addition, if Facebook’s vision evolves favorably in the future, games like Decentraland will greatly benefit from being the first to consolidate.

The project is based on the fact that the metaverse manages to revolutionize the way games work, and that Decentraland, making use of its decentralized governance, places it in the hands of users, is an example to follow.

On the other hand, Binance is one of the largest neo-brokers in Europe, since from its website or app you have the opportunity to invest in any type of digital asset safely and easily, including the MANA token, starting from one euro.

Currently, the price of this token is around 3.4 dollars, with an approximate growth of 300% in the last three months, having reached a peak of almost 6 dollars.

In addition, the Binance platform allows investment in tokens such as MANA and hundreds of other crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, starting from one euro, with very low commissions.

This means that all those digital assets that are related to the metaverse have had a notable beneficial boost, and in the case of Binance, it also has assets from sectors such as The Sandbox and its SAND token.


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