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Airbnb is considering accepting crypto payments on its platform

In an interview with CNBC, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky confirmed his interest in cryptocurrencies but clarified that the current priority of the company he leads is to be able to provide temporary shelter to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

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Asked if Airbnb would accept crypto payments due to the increase in cryptocurrency adoption in Ukraine, Chesky replied:

 Airbnb is. I mean, I’m personally in favor of the idea of ​​crypto, of course. I think it’s really interesting technology. »

Despite the presenter bringing the question of the company’s interest in cryptocurrencies back to the Ukrainian context, Airbnb had in the past discussed the option of accepting this means of payment on its platform. 

Chesky Followers Solicit Crypto Payments


At the start of 2022, Chesky asked his Twitter followers,

If Airbnb could launch anything in 2022, what would it be?  

Of the 4000 who answered the question of the young billionaire, the majority of them want the company to set up the possibility of paying with their cryptocurrencies on the platform.

In fact, cryptocurrency tops the list of the six most repeated suggestions in comments. Brian Chesky’s tweet reads:

We received 4,000 suggestions. Here are the first 6:

1 – Payments in cryptocurrency (first suggestion)

2 – Clear price display

3 – Customer Loyalty Program

4 – Discounted cleaning costs

5 – More long-term stays and discounts

6 – Better customer service

I’m already working on most of these points, I’ll take care of the others now!

Airnbnb wouldn’t be the only tech company joining the crypto scene this year. Many more companies are expected to adopt digital currencies. Recently, we learned that eBay, the American e-commerce giant should accept cryptocurrencies by this month of March.

Airbnb’s Current Priority: Providing Homes For Ukrainian Refugees 


If Brian Chesky has expressed his attraction to cryptocurrencies, but what really concerns the number 1 of Airbnb is the condition of Ukrainian refugees in the countries of Eastern Europe. He said in the CNBC columns:

Right now we’re really focused on providing housing for refugees. That’s why I put together a team. 

His company plans to provide temporary shelter for more than 100,000 refugees. He added :

We reached out to our hosts. We have obtained funding and are therefore ready to welcome up to 100,000 refugees. Frankly, we can accommodate as many refugees as we have hosts.

The hosting services giant has also let its CEO know that it has offered help to the governments of Poland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and other Eastern European countries.

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