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Alcampo Begins to use Blockchain to Trace its Eggs

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The Alcampo hypermarket chain has introduced blockchain technology in its Alcampo Controlled Production brand free-range eggs. The objective is that the customer can trace all the steps that the product has followed, from its origin, until it reaches his plate. By scanning the QR on the packaging, customers can access information on the eggs and the hens that have laid them.


Alcampo, blockchain in the eggs


One of the many advantages of blockchain technology is its ability to improve the traceability of fresh food. With supply chains becoming more global and customers becoming more food-conscious, blockchain is becoming key to creating more secure supply chains. Blockchain enables flexible end-to-end control, quickly and efficiently. A key issue in chains with so many intermediaries, such as food chains.


Information available


By scanning the QR code on the box, users access a page that details the information on the eggs: the location of the farm, the data of the hen, the feeding of the hen, the date of collection of the egg, the expiration date , information about picking and packing etc. In this way, the Grupo Agrícola Rujamar, the company that created the platform, creates a single secure and immutable digital record backed by blockchain technology.


Advantages of using blockchain


The main advantage of using blockchain in this process is the speed of registration and its encryption. The record of each egg is distributed in a matter of seconds throughout the network, without the need for intermediaries. Once uploaded to the blockchain, the information is impossible to alter. In fact, Alcampo is not the first hypermarket chain to use blockchain for fresh food traceability. Carrefour, Walmart and Tesco have been using this technology for years.

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