Some years ago, bringing products from China and selling them at a higher price in Nigeria became a business trend and many platforms have even arrived in the country that allow us to buy products as a retailer at a price that seems like a joke and best of all, without paying shipping cost.

Every day extravagant amounts of Chinese products arrive at customs in Nigeria, which will produce enormous profits thanks to the high demand that exists for products that this type of product often meets the basics of what we want, (Good, nice and cheap) and that at the same time represents a valuable opportunity to promote new ventures.

However, not all that glitters is gold and the real dilemma should be what to import from China? Because of course, some products are more profitable than others and that is much easier to export since, as you may be imagining, the following two fundamental questions to choose which products to export are: How much are you willing to invest? And what experience do you have with the products that are of interest to you?


Start importing


If you are thinking of importing, it is best to start with practical and uncomplicated products. The easiest products to import are the small and cheap ones, that is, do not import products that can weigh more than 5 kilos per piece. Now we understand why so many stores of everything for less than N20, 000 thousand naira!

It is important to know that customs have different restrictions for different types of products and some require certain documentation so that they can be received without any problem. The last thing you want is for customs to hold your products, as that is expensive and you won’t see a return on your investment.

On the first occasion, you can get advice from an expert in international relations and we also suggest you consider the time it will take to receive your order since most products from China arrive by ship. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that in detail in subsequent articles. 


The easiest and cheapest way to import from China


Clothing and textiles

Clothing and textiles, as we mentioned at the beginning of the note, are super popular and now we understand why they are one of the easiest products to bring from China thanks to the high level of manufacturing in this country and at a price that can leave you with a square eye. 



China is the country that exports the most footwear in the world, especially tennis shoes, which can already give us an idea of ​​how this product is extremely cheap, easy to transact, and with an excellent reception throughout the world and a good opportunity to do business.

Be careful here: in China, there are many replicas of well-known sports brands for sale, we recommend that you do not enter this business that involves piracy since you can have many problems in customs, be fined, and lose a lot of money.



This market is cataloged by the great profits it generates, we have even already seen how Nigeria has received with open doors huge chains from this country that are dedicated to selling products of this type.



China is the mecca of technology and in many ways of creativity as well, that is why in this country it is extremely easy to find gadgets, video games, consoles, cell phones, computers, accessories, among others, of excellent quality and at a ridiculously low price. under.

Investing in these types of products is very convenient, you can even start selling them from home and use social networks as a store to offer them. Once again, it is important to be careful with piracy and avoid buying products that may contain toxic parts for the little ones.

Before starting to sell any of the products that we have mentioned, it is very important that you first request tests if possible, review the comments of other buyers, you make a small order to ensure that the quality is what you expect and avoid having a huge order that you will hardly sell.