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Buy Bitcoin: Mexican billionaire Ricardo Pliego advises 

Bitcoin is replacing gold in the portfolios of major investors.

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The price of Bitcoin is in freefall. For Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego, it’s time to “buy Bitcoin” and hold it without thinking about selling it. 

The price of Bitcoin continues to fall! With the situation at the borders of Ukraine being more explosive than ever, both the crypto market and the stock market are suffering. And if it was precisely time to buy Bitcoin? In any case, this is what the Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego recommends.


For Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego, You Have To “Buy Bitcoin”


Ricardo Salinas Pliego, third fortune of Mexico, is a well-known billionaire across the Atlantic. He is the CEO of Grupo Salinas which brings together different companies in the fields of media, telecommunications, finance, etc. According to the latest Forbes list of billionaires, Ricardo Salinas Pliego has a fortune of 13 billion dollars .

Last Saturday, Ricardo Salinas Pliego spoke on Twitter. He encouraged his followers to take advantage of the current bear market to buy Bitcoin ! For him, it is time to strengthen positions in Bitcoin given its low price. He also encourages not to give in to panic fear but to keep the bitcoins.

“You have to buy Bitcoin (keep buying Bitcoin when its price is low) then keep your BTC, don’t think about selling it…. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. Ricardo Salinas Pliego, CEO of Grupo Salinas and billionaire

Bitcoin Price


Buying when the asset price is low is indeed one of the guiding principles in trading. In this area, we can actually say that the price of Bitcoin is low ! Despite the opinion of many specialists, the price of Bitcoin did not soar in December 2021. Its record price (or ATH) dates from November 10, 2021 with a price of €60,742.

The year 2022 has not started on a better footing. It must be said that the international context has been very unstable in recent weeks. After COVID and Omicron, the situation in Kazakhstan and now in Ukraine is having a major impact on the crypto markets.

At the time of writing this article, the Bitcoin price is €33,310, down 16% over the last 7 days . Putin’s speech on Monday evening and the unilateral declaration of independence by the two Ukrainian regions caused the price of Bitcoin to plunge even further. If this price is very low, we must remember that in July 2021, Bitcoin did worse ! The price of BTC briefly hit bottom with a price of €26,000 before soaring towards its ATH a few months later.

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