Non-fungible token – non-fungible token. Such a token can only be written to the blockchain once, which makes it unique. The NFT contains a digitized piece of art, a piece of music, items from computer games, and domain names. Creating an NFT on OpenSea is not difficult. But you need to know some nuances. Thanks to this platform, you can do everything yourself without paying for the work of the contractor.

We create our own NFT token on the OpenSea platform

Go to

  • Select the item – My Profile. To connect, you need a crypto wallet. The system will offer nine different options to choose from (MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect and others). Choose the one you have installed. Enter the password and connect to the site.

Stage 1Stage 1

Stage 2Stage 2

  • We create a collection. Select Create and go to Create new collection. We select an icon for the collection, write a name, description and choose on which blockchain we will place it (Ethereum or Polygon).
  • Let’s go to the collection page. Select Add New Item and go to the token creation page.

Stage 3Stage 3

Stage 4Stage 4

In the first field we place your digital work. It can be a picture, animation, audio file or 3d model. Next, enter the name. Place the link in the External Link field. It can be a link to a personal website or a video about the creation of this masterpiece of yours.

Next, write a description. Set the meta data in the Properties, Level and Stats fields. In the Unlockable Content section, we place information that will be available only to the owner of the token.

In the Supply line, specify the number of issued tokens and click Create.


We sell a token

So, we have prepared everything, click “Next”.

We are shown a page with all the information about the token.

Stage 5Stage 5

  • Using the rights of the creator, you can specify a % for the resale of your NFT. We go to the collection settings, in the Percentage fee line we indicate the size of the commission in%, in the line below we enter the address of your wallet. We confirm the changes.

Stage 6Stage 6

  • We put up a token for sale. We go to the page of your work and press the Sell button. You can choose a fixed price (Set Price) or auction (Highest Bid). Specify the price in the Price line and select the currency.

Stage 7Stage 7

  • NFT placements on OpenSea. Click Complete listing, pay commissions, confirm the signature and you’re done. To place a token on the blockchain, two transactions are required. The first is to initialize the account, the second is to transfer the token to the OpenSea platform so that it can transfer it to the new owner. NFT placements on OpenSea.
  • We click Complete listing, pay commissions, confirm the signature, and you’re done.
  • Examination. Go to the search on the OpenSea site. Enter the name of your NFT in the search bar. If he appeared in the search, then everything went well!

Stage 8Stage 8

  • We are waiting for a buyer. If it is found, then the sale will take place without your participation. OpenSea will transfer your fee to the crypto wallet, withholding its commission.