Financial Information Platform signs a new partnership with the Miami Grand Prix!

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The platform has just announced the signing of a 9-year contract with the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami. Focus today on the contours of this new partnership.



A 9-Year Agreement Reached With The Miami GP
Having just entered the calendar last season, the Miami Grand Prix already stands out with an XXL partnership concluded with the exchange platform. The terms of the partnership provide for to become the title sponsor of the Grand Prix. Thus, for the coming season, the race will be officially named: Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix.



The agreement between the two parties will extend over 9 years. From a concrete point of view, the brand and its logo will be visible on the podium but also the trophies were given to the drivers. The partnership also provides an experience for spectators with the Terrace, which will allow you to follow the race with a 360-degree view, or the Fan Zone, which will be renamed Fan Zone.




Through this,, therefore, intends to gain visibility in the United States, the new Eldorado of Formula 1. Indeed, the American group Liberty Media has owned the Formula 1 world championship since 2017 and seeks to democratize this sport in the land of Uncle Sam. The rise of Formula 1 can also be explained by the immense success of the Netflix series Formula 1: pilots of their destinies (Drive to Survive for the original version).



If the American public is more and more at the rendezvous of Formula 1, the fact that it takes place in Miami is even more beneficial for the exchange. As Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of, explains;

Building on our global partnership with Formula 1, we are thrilled to become the premier commercial partner of the Miami Grand Prix, in a city that is fast becoming the cryptocurrency capital of the United States.



Crypto.Com: A Strategy Based On Sports Sponsorship





Already a sponsor of Formula 1 in sprint format races, of the trophy rewarding the driver with the most overtaking over the season and of the Aston Martin team, is therefore continuing its breakthrough in the world of Formula 1 by winning the naming of the American Grand Prix.


The exchange platform is not at its first attempt since it is already a partner of other clubs or sports institutions. This is particularly the case for the UFC but also football clubs such as Paris Saint Germain. Recently, also caused a lot of ink to flow when it landed the naming of the basketball hall of the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers for $700 million. We are no longer talking about the Staples Center but the Arena. The platform is also a shirt sponsor for the Philadelphia Sixers NBA team.


What Influence On The Price Of The CRO Token?



It is difficult to estimate the precise influence of a single parameter by isolating the others. Anyway, the CRO token of the platform has outperformed the crypto market over the past 24 hours. Indeed, according to data from CoinMarketCap, the crypto market has gained 2.45% over the past 24 hours. At the same time, the CRO token posted an increase of 6.90%. As of this writing, one token is trading for $0.52, the highest level in a month.

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