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Crypto: Is the next bull run for this year?

The return of the Bullrun is not planned for the next few months...

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For several months, the crypto market has been in doubt. Are we on the verge of a new bear market? Will the bull run resume in a few months? Each bitcoin movement is therefore carefully scrutinized and analyzed. Each candle looks like a sign of hope or despair. The reality is perhaps less dramatic. We may not experience a bear market comparable to 2018, but it may also be years away from the next bull run. And if the cycle continues, it might not happen until 2024.

  • Why won’t we experience crypto winters as severe as the previous ones?
  • A next bull run in 2024
  • What to do while waiting ?

Can Crypto And Bitcoin Prices Crash?


Those who experienced the bull run of 2017 and the bear market that began in 2018 remember the dread they felt. The -30, -40% followed one another and some altcoins even lost 80% in one day. During such a jolt, investors see their portfolio melt away day after day. Since mid-November, all crypto investors have been living in fear of experiencing or reliving the same anxiety. Bitcoin has lost 50% since its ATH, some strong altcoins have seen their course divided by 3 or 4… Can the fall still continue? The geopolitical context does not help us to envisage better days. The entry of the Russian army into full Ukrainian territory immobilizes the markets. And the crypto market is not an ivory tower cut off from traditional markets.

However, bitcoin is unlikely to lose another 50% of its value to drop below $20,000. Many people would massively buy bitcoin at $20,000, just like Ethereum between $1,500 and $2,000. These cryptocurrencies have become too important not to become over-coveted above a certain price . In addition, the importance of decentralized finance will no doubt act as a buffer during downturns. Yields are such that many investors prefer to stay on these protocols even if it means supporting a temporary drop in the price of their assets.

The Price Evolution Of Bitcoin And Its Cycles


These factors which tend to stabilize prices , or at least prevent a collapse, should not make us think that a new bull run is near. Thus, Arjun Kharpal, the co-founder of the Huobi exchange platform, believes that bitcoin cycles are always present and that if so “we are at the first stage of a bear market”. Even if it is always difficult to make predictions, Arjun Kharpal believes that “it will be necessary to wait until the end of 2024 at the beginning of 2025 so that we can welcome the next bull market on Bitcoin”. We will indeed find this lapse of 3-4 years between each cycle.

This also corresponds to the next bitcoin halving which will take place in 2024. If this proves to be correct, we must therefore expect a slowdown in the crypto market. The number of projects under construction will probably not decrease, but they will not be able to perform immediately, except for isolated cases which are always difficult to predict.

Should We Give In To The Crypto Panic?


In these conditions, it is difficult to have a compass for the weeks to come. The conflict in Ukraine has just caused the crypto market to fall overnight, accelerating all fears of a bear market. In fact, for small investors it is in any case necessary to avoid panic.

Those who have already sold to secure themselves in stablecoins or who have kept some are in some way winners. They can start buying to take advantage of current low prices while keeping some in the event of a further drop. Bitcoin or even many altcoins are very far from their ATH. The prospects for gains are therefore very great even if the market does not outperform compared to last fall. These investors can also use returns around 20% on the stable on several protocols including Anchor on the Terra blockchain. For those who have not secured their investments, it is too late to sell. It is better to wait, optimize by farming or staking protocols if possible.

A Healthy Crisis To Clarify Your Investments


This is also the time to take stock of your investments in case you have positioned yourself on projects that are too fragile. The dynamism of the crypto market in recent months is proof that it will not disappear overnight. We can also hope that this crisis will teach the crypto market lessons and that it will move more towards projects with a real social impact.

Anyone who would like to predict the evolution of the cryptocurrency market will be taking a lot of risks. However, we can indeed affirm in a paradoxical way that if we will no longer experience falls like those of the previous bear markets, the bull run is not for tomorrow. This may be a sign of a turning point in the cryptocurrency market. After the panic, the most solid projects will be able to resume their ascent.

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