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Crypto: Top 10 most downloaded apps of 2021!

In 2021, the crypto universe grew significantly. In particular, going from a global marketcap of 700 to 2,300 billion dollars. In mid-November, the market even flirted with the 3,000 billion dollar mark before falling. This development has also had an impact on the proliferation of apps or platforms. Exchange, wallet, brokers, all have worked to develop the market. 

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According to data from Adjust and Apptopia, crypto app downloads grew by more than 900% between 2020 and 2021. A trend largely impacted by a very strong market. Let’s take a look at the hit downloads of 2021 together!

2021: The Exchanges Had The Coast!

No wonder exchanges hold the upper hand. They are the bedrock on which the entire crypto ecosystem is built. Because it is through these applications or platforms that it is possible to hold, buy and exchange digital tokens. Thus, in 2021, the first three places were monopolized by exchanges. The Binance platform wins the prize for the most downloaded crypto application of the year in the world. In detail, 20% of downloads came from Turkey, for about 10% from the United States. It was therefore in 2021 that Binance took over Coinbase, which dominated the ranking the previous year.

Then come the Coinbase platform and to complete the podium. As part of the crypto sector, we will also rank the eToro platform on this segment of exchanges. If the online broker offers a wider choice of financial products, including stocks, commodities, currencies or even stock indices, it also offers nearly 60 digital assets. Fourth in 2020, eToro has therefore demoted in favor of more specialized applications and exchanges. It has especially, as we will see, suffered from the emergence of digital wallets.

Wallets: Big Winners Of 2021!

If the exchanges displayed a group shot in the first three places, the next three places are held by wallets. Thus, Trust WalletMetamask and Coinbase Wallet arrive in order at the fourth, fifth and sixth ranks of the most downloaded crypto applications in 2021.

Note that among the “management” apps, the Coinmarketcap platform has made a spectacular leap. In 2021, it ranked eighth in the most downloaded crypto apps.

+ 902% Download In 2021!


The report jointly conducted by Adjust and Apptopi also analyzed the download volume between 2020 and 2021. Between these two years, downloads exploded even faster than the crypto market: + 902% worldwide. Growth largely driven by the American market: +645% or even by the Asia-Pacific market.

Among the explanations, we can obviously cite the explosion in the price of Bitcoin and the global cryptocurrency market. If the main projects have seen the rise, 2021 has also been the rise of meme coins with the development of projects like Dogecoin (DOGE) or Shiba Inu (SHIB). Two tokens that are among the most traded over the year.

The development of markets like that of NFTs or metaverses has also prompted more users to become interested in crypto. And indirectly to its flagship applications.

What About 2022?


For 2022, in the “Finance” category, the Binance app ranks eighth on the App Store behind many banking apps. Coinbase appears in the twenty-fifth position and therefore retains its second place among the most downloaded crypto apps. The third step of the podium also remains unchanged since the application retains its position (31st Finance app on the App Store), just ahead of Coinbase Wallet (32nd).

The wallet of the Coinbase platform now seems to overshadow Metamask. Anyway, the platforms could well continue to surf their marketing and sponsorship strategies. As they have been able to do during events with global reach such as the Super Bowl. It is at this price that widespread adoption could take place. From 2022? And why not!  

According to Adam Blacker of Apptopia, 2022 could see the number of downloads grow even further:

Our data shows a massive increase in demand for crypto wallets and exchanges over the past year. We expect to continue to see crypto applications grow alongside digital currency.

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