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Cryptocurrency today: the 4 phases of the market

Cryptocurrency today: is it possible to predict the trend of a crypto? Trader Simon Ree, author of "The Tao of Trading", identifies 4 phases

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Can we predict the trend of a cryptocurrency today? Some studies made can help us. Can we spot market phases for a cryptocurrency today?

Among the many skills that you need to learn by entering the world of cryptocurrency trading – many of which we’ll addressing in subsequent articles  – one basic question cannot be missing:  what are the 4 main phases of the  cryptocurrency market. 

Simon Ree , financial markets professional since 1992, trader and author of  # 1 Amazon Best Seller, “The Tao Of Trading: How To Build Abundant Wealth In Any Market Condition”, worked at  Goldman Sachs  where he founded and directed the  Markets Desk.  in Sydney and then held executive positions at Citibank in Singapore.

In addition to the markets, his passion is teaching others how to trade and since 2007, he has successfully led hundreds of aspiring traders based on the simple techniques he uses to generate consistent cash flows from the stock market.

In a nice post he published on his LinkedIn profile he talks about his idea on the 4 phases of the market of a cryptocurrency (and also, more generally, of the traditional market).


Cryptocurrency trend: the 4 phases identified by Simone Ree

  • The green phase: Upward Trend.
    In this phase, the simplest, we need to focus on  bullish  strategies.
  • The red phase: Downward Trend
    In this case it is good to focus on bearish (bearish) directional strategies and it is the one that experienced traders very often consider the most profitable.
  • The gray phase: Unstable trend
    In a moment of instability it is good to focus on short-term strategies, based precisely on the volatility of the assets. According to Rhee, directional strategies can still work if you become granular on those assets that still show strong trends.
  • The yellow phase: That of  transition
    This phase, which is also the most difficult to manage, occurs when the market is transitioning from one phase to another: from a bearish to a bullish situation or vice versa.
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