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CryptoKicks: the new collection of NFT sneakers from Nike

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In December, Nike acquired virtual sneaker designer RTFKT (“artifact”) to take its first steps into the metaverse. This alliance gave birth this weekend to its first collection of 20,000 NFT sneakers.

An immediate success


Since the launch of the collection, these virtual sneakers have been selling for between 2.5 and 3 ETH (approximately between $7,500 and $9,000). These NFTs, named DunkGenesis Cryptokicks, are therefore digital sneakers created to be worn by your avatar in the metaverse.


Buyers can also change the appearance of the shoes by purchasing Skin Vials, a kind of “skin” that covers the CryptoKick. This requires a minimum cost of 0.8 ETH. However, their price can reach up to 150 ETH for the rarest of them, the Alien version. The RTFKT studio has also added the possibility of completing quests to evolve its Skins.

Initially, only Clone X holders, RTFKT avatars , were offered these virtual sneakers. Indeed, last Friday, the owners of Nike’s MNLTH and RTFKT – an encrypted virtual box distributed free for Christmas to owners of a Clone-X token – reached the final stage.

This step marked the end of a series of quests and puzzles that collectors had to solve in order to open the NFT vault via the RTFKT site. Inside were a pair of Nike’s “CryptoKicks” and another MNLTH – raising hopes for an upcoming drop

At the time of writing, the CryptoKicks created in collaboration with renowned artist Takashi Murakami is selling for 200 ETH on OpenSea, or around $567,000.


Nike’s Metaverse


In November 2021, Nike had launched Nikeland , a virtual world in Roblox.

The buildings and grounds inside this virtual world are modeled after the actual headquarters of the company and house detailed arenas for the community to test their skills by participating in various mini-games.

At the end of March, the sign announced that approximately 7 million users had already visited Nikeland. Roblox has been a metaverse player since the concept’s inception, and has launched a number of partnerships with brands like Ralph Lauren, Chipotle, and the NFL.

Nike CEO John Danahoe assures that these 7 million visitors to Nikeland are directing new energy towards virtual products. The acquisition of RTFKT and this collection of sneakers in the form of non-fungible tokens confirms Nike’s desire to establish itself in Web3.

It should however be noted that its main competitor, Adidas, has also already entered the race. The brand has indeed launched a collection of 30,000 NFTs in collaboration with the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club. Here, the collector receives a physical coin in addition to the virtual object.

This battle between two sportswear behemoths is just one example of the fashion industry’s growing interest in the metaverse and Web 3.0 in general.

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