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Discover the most successful traditional Nigerian businesses on the internet

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New technologies, especially with the Internet, allow unknown opportunities for companies, with ways different from the usual ones to attract customers and original services that were previously unthinkable. Despite the revolutionary businesses that have emerged, many traditional options have been reinvented to catch up and become fashionable again. Therefore, we are going to review some of the most successful traditional businesses on the internet.

What are the most successful traditional businesses on the internet?



1. Traditional games

When we talk about games and technologies, the first thing that comes to mind is video games, the reality is that with advances they have been gaining visual quality and capturing a larger audience. But traditional games have also made a comeback thanks to the internet.

For example, board games like chess have web portals to enjoy against other users, and even exercises to practice. Other popular games such as Monopoly, Risk or Settlers of Catan are added to the digital format, with options to enjoy with friends on computers or mobiles. For its part, games of chance have also become fashionable. Digital casinos offer a wide catalog, among which online roulette or slot machines stand out, with a multitude of modalities to choose from.

2. Advertising


Advertising has always been a business tool to attract customers in constant evolution. However, with the advent of the internet, their formulas have radically changed. Although street signs, pamphlets or press and television advertisements still exist, the digital medium has changed the rules. Internet advertising is adapted to each user through the use of Big Data, a network of gigantic data on the tastes and activities of millions of Internet users. 

Now we find advertising while browsing web pages, performing searches, watching videos and even on social networks. For this reason, the portals with the highest influx of users, such as Google and Facebook, account for 70% of Internet advertising in Nigeria.


3. The shops

Stores need a physical establishment where they receive their customers. At least that’s how it was until recently. Over the last decade, online sales in Spain have grown steadily every year, with an increase during the third quarter of 2021. This implies that stores need to invest in an online presence. The large establishments in the sector such as Jumia, even with digital purchases to pick up in store. New businesses no longer require premises strategically located on busy streets, which is why a multitude of shops of all kinds have proliferated in recent years.

Although it seems that many traditional businesses have been lost with the arrival of new technologies, the truth is that they have allowed a large part to reinvent themselves, with web pages capable of reaching a greater number of customers. An evolution according to modern times where users can access services anywhere or at any time of day with mobile phones and the Internet.

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