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Do you have a business in Lagos? 5 facts you need to know

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If you are based in Lag and your business does not seem to be growing, we have some strategies that will radically change this fact. Believe it or not, it is very rare for a business to remain stagnant in Lagos because this indirectly implies that your business is reducing its profitability over the years. However, you do not have to be alarmed, here we tell you some of the information you should know to take the productivity of your business to another level. Join us!🙂

5 Strategies that will make your business grow in Lagos



1. Hire a Marketing agency


It is no secret to anyone that a marketing and advertising agency in Lagos can make a difference in the growth of a business. Yes, just as you read it, the world of marketing is extremely wide and only experts are capable of promoting interaction between clients and companies.

A marketing and advertising agency in Lagos is the best option if you are based in this one; why? Simple, these are experts who know the context where your company is developed; A market study will be enough for them to start working and your company to grow. If you ask us which marketing agency we recommend, do not hesitate to contact Sortlist, they are a team with extensive experience in the market and the services they offer seem infinite best of all? Well, they work beyond recommending in Lagos; so now you know, don’t hesitate to contact them!


2. Digitize your business


Migrating to the digital world is a step that sooner or later you will have to take. This fact, beyond being a strategy, implies a competitive advantage and therefore, invaluable growth in your business. It’s not just about being visible online, it’s also about streamlining and reducing your internal business processes

The internet and social networks are here to stay, so if you find yourself in a city as large and cosmopolitan as Lagos, you need to be easy to find… How is this achieved? Creating a platform, app, or social profile that promotes your services and/or products. You will see how your customers (new and old) will thank you!


3. Create loyalty programs


As you well know, loyalty programs consist of rewarding the purchasing behavior of your customers, a marketing strategy that has given very good results. Its final objective is to create a feeling of loyalty in your client towards the business, in this way you promote the commitment of your company and the satisfaction of the client

But… How to do it? We know that it sounds complicated, although, in reality, it is not; You can do it through discounts, gift vouchers, store credits, and eye-catching promotions. In Lagos, these types of programs work very well, because we like that the brand or business knows us, thinks of us, and places a value on our happiness.


4. Make your business something different


We know that the phrase in this section is to cliché, but look below it; Here we propose that you create or reinforce your corporate identity. Make your business a sum of values, work culture, and philosophies that allow it to stand out in the market.

At this point it is again important to take into account your customers, get to know them, discover them and interact with them, so you can more easily direct the identity of your business but think about the customer you want to get. Do not forget that the history of a brand is transcendental, therefore it seeks to transmit the correct information and in that, we are sure, your visual identity will help you.😉


5. Look for support 

Having your business in Nigeria means receiving good aid and subsidies from the Nigerian government, other well-meaning individuals, and corporations.  This is the last piece of information you need to know to grow your business. After the pandemic, the government and some bodies have ejected capital into SMEs and entrepreneurs that meet the basic, legal, and current requirements to obtain some benefits. Of the many aids that they can offer you, the most popular is the eduction of interest rates on credit, the financing of rentals in premises, and the payment of debts with suppliers. Entrepreneurship support has made more than one very happy. We invite you to apply to the link above. 

As you can see, each of these data must be taken into account if you want your business to resurface from that stagnation to which it was subjected. Remember that each strategy is fundamental, however, perhaps the most important is to create a digital marketing plan. In short, a good marketing strategy will make your business stand out and shine on its own in Lagos and behind. You’ll see.

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