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Dogecoin soon accepted on SpaceX and Starlink? Musk reacts

As with Tesla, Dogecoin could be accepted as a means of payment in other companies founded by Elon Musk. At least, that's what the large community behind the first of the memes would have liked.

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In fact, a twitter user by the name of Johnna Crider suggested to Musk that SpaceX and Starlink could accept cryptocurrencies to settle transactions. With an emoji representing a wink, the billionaire responded in the most enigmatic way to the one who gave the suggestion in the form of a question. 


Some believe the wink given in response is a veiled sign that Musk is going to allow Doge holders to buy products or pay for services from Starlink or SpaceX with their crypto wallets.


The Doge Community Already Mobilized For Starlink And spaced


Bily Markus didn’t wait to interact with Musk and influencer Johnna Crider’s chat. He said he would like to “buy a model rocket with the dog’s money.” By the way, the latter encourages members of the Doge’s community to mobilize so that SpaceX and Starlink accept the king of meme tokens.

Another Dogecoin influencer who took part in the discussion posted:

It’s a great idea. Starlink could also serve as a node in the Dogecoin network, enabling interoperability between Starlink satellites and the Dogecoin ecosystem.

As a reminder, in January, Musk put pressure on McDonald’s so that the company could allow customers to buy their burgers with Doge. Last Sunday, the fast food brand published a rather surprising message on twitter. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhh something is coming,” McDonald’s tweeted. Elon Musk responded to the company’s tweet with the ‘sweat drops‘ emoji. 


What About The Price Of Dogecoin?


Dogecoin soon accepted on SpaceX and Starlink?  Musk reacts


The news didn’t really have an explosive effect on the Doge’s course. This can be understood because the announcement is not at all conclusive insofar as Musk will either accept or refuse the token meme on SpaceX or Starlink. Especially since the market is in a rather difficult context marked by the acceleration of the level of inflation and the diplomatic tensions between Russia and the United States.  It would have been hard for the Doge to replicate the same performance when Tesla decided to accept him for a product category on his store. 

On the technical analysis side, the Doge is trading at $0.1486; which is 79.7% of its May ATH. If the crypto wants to start a ride towards $0.32 in the coming days, it must first break through the resistance at 0.1618. Then, then reverse the $0.20 bar. However, if the token rises for signs of weakness and fails to break above these levels, it is sure and certain that the crypto will fall below $0.10. 

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