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Election: Ledger puts crypto at the heart of the political debate!

If the themes of purchasing power, health or immigration seem to hold the upper hand, certain players in the crypto world such as the French unicorn Ledger would like to draw the attention of political decision-makers to more niche themes. Today, zoom in on politics, crypto and web 3.0. 

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Last July, the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAN) published a manifesto for candidates on the subject of digital assets. A few weeks before the first round, Ledger also rushed into the breach so that these themes are brought more widely into the public debate.

Ledger Invites Presidential Candidates


Ledger invites presidential candidatesOn January 27, Pascal Gauthier, CEO of the French unicorn Ledger launched an open call to all candidates for the presidential election. The purpose of this? Discuss and raise awareness in the political sphere of the issues and benefits of digital currencies. Among other topics.

For now, the call has been heard and followed by a visit by Gaspard Köenig, leader of the “Simple” movement, but also by Eric Zemmour for the Reconquest Party. Emmanuel Macron still not being an official candidate for his own succession, it is Cedric O, secretary of state in charge of digital who will visit the Ledger Keep in the coming days. A place he had already visited in October 2019. In the coming days, the candidates Jean Luc Mélenchon and Valérie Pécresse should also make the trip to the premises of the Vierzon company.

Good to know: Ledger is the world leader in securing and managing digital assets. With Sorare, it is one of the two unicorns of the French crypto landscape (valuation above one billion dollars).

Policies Must Understand Web 3.0 And Cyber Security Issues


For Ledger, the objective of these interviews is extremely simple: to allow these technophile themes to be brought to the heart of the debate. To better understand these, Ledger therefore suggests that candidates visit the “Donjon”, a state-of-the-art cybersecurity laboratory which aims in particular to develop digital security standards.

In order to support the statement on cybersecurity, some analysts put on the table the resurgence of cyber-attacks in France. If we take the case of French hospitals, they suffered 27 attacks in 2020 and almost double in 2021. Last year, these targeted attacks targeted “operators of vital importance” more than 200 times. whether public or private. More than ever, the issue of cyber-security seems essential.

On the theme of web 3.0, Ledger is already warning French politicians to invest massively. The French ecosystem is rich, but it should not end up being dominated by much larger foreign consortia. Like what we find today with GAFAM. According to Ledger, this political angle is therefore crucial for French digital sovereignty.

In concrete terms, Ledger made 3 requests for the attention of political decision-makers:

  • The training of qualified profiles on Web 3.0 and cybersecurity
  • The implementation of concrete measures to facilitate crypto investment, both for individuals and companies
  • Investment and support from the French ecosystem

Is Crypto Still A Niche Market?

In this month of February, several surveys seemed to highlight the strong democratization of cryptocurrencies. In a study published by IFOP, we learned that more than 7% of French people had already taken the plunge into crypto investing. In the same vein, the KPMG study established that crypto investors were now more important (in number and not in volume) than stock market investors.

And the enthusiasm around a subject inevitably becomes a subject to be dealt with by politicians of all stripes. Shortly after his visit, Eric Zemmour also shared several proposals, mainly articulated around France’s digital sovereignty.

Crypto: What Policy Proposals?


For the time being, the field of concrete proposals has not been exploited by the vast majority of candidates. Eric Zemmour notably proposed to recast the tax system around digital assets in order to allow the reinvestment of capital gains in the real economy. He also intends to simplify the sector administratively so that the French leaders can maintain a certain attractiveness.

If many experts were not expecting the candidate on tech-savvy themes, it is clear that the proposals are attractive within the French crypto ecosystem. A point nevertheless to qualify because these themes had already been brought and put forward by the LREM deputy Pierre Person during the examination of the finance bill for 2022. A few weeks before the first ballot, the crypto themes could be more widely spread.

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