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Elon Musk’s tweets are now Elon Musk’s Twitter tweets

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Until now, Musk’s tweets were capable of generating small quakes in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. If he said that his brand-emblem, Tesla, was going to accept payments in bitcoins, this cryptocurrency would be revalued. That he contradicted himself, a few days later, of such an affirmation, because devaluation. Which gracefully pointed to dogecoin, the rising value of the cryptocurrency. That yes, always with a smiling photo, of whom he knows that he does not have to give explanations. At most, notifications.

Some smiling notifications that are followed by a Twitter account with 80 million followers. Twitter seemed his. From now on, it can be said that he is, since he has acquired 9.2% of the company. As of now, Elon Musk’s tweets are more Elon Musk’s Twitter tweets


Elon Musk Twitter


The acquisition of 9.2% of the capital of the social network allows it to be the reference partner. He has paid 2.888 million dollars. The first consequence of it has been that the shares of Twitter were revalued by 25%. This time words were not lacking. It was enough to register the operation with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Months ago he posted on his Twitter profile that he wanted to create his own Twitter. He will have thought that it is more comfortable to buy the one that already exists, than to start a new one. After all, it is already working and has a considerable symbolic capital, which seems that its own investment has appreciated.  From now on, it will be Elon Musk’s Twitter. The image of the brand is strongly linked to the somewhat controversial image of the smiling businessman. 


Elon Musk is not only one of the richest men in the world, but he comes to represent the new type of rich in the world. It is no longer enough to discreetly enjoy a huge wealth. Not even with managing, from the possession, large organizations, on which many direct or indirect jobs depend. Musk is the nouveau riche who exercises his power beyond his heritage, which he exercises with his word, with his direct messages, without being mediated by journalists. Because of his messages transmitted through social networks. 

Well, now the word channel has been bought from him. The channel of the power of him, returning to the convergence between the power of money and the power of the word


It is the power of those who have the ability to play with their followers. To express an opinion one day and perhaps the opposite a few days later. Of the one who consults these followers, as he did a few days ago on Twitter, about the objective of his next investments. It is in this context that it was suggested that he was thinking of buying this company. 

Consultations that, posing as democratic actions, do not cease to be the concretion of a form of populism. Perhaps it can be considered the most advanced form of digital populism, social media populism. Now

If money has power, it is because money can influence. But power is, above all, influence, with money or by other means. Since the extension of social networks, a political economy of influence has been generated, which, having the so-called influencers as its best-known actors, goes beyond these. It’s something Musk has understood for quite a few years.

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