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Galeon: The listing coming soon!

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Founded in 2017, the company Galeon may have found the best way to offer its solution: via the blockchain for more speed but also security in the transfer of patient files. In the coming weeks, the $GALEON token should be available on the exchanges.


Back On A Successful ICO!

The French project has succeeded in raising more than $15 million thanks to an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) conducted in several rounds:

A seed round that allowed investors to buy the token for $0.01 with a minimum investment of $3,000, a cliff of 6 months, and a vesting of one year.

  • Public Round 1 (December 4 to 18) and which allowed to buy the token for $0.02 with a minimum investment of $1,000, a cliff of 3 months, and vesting of one year;
  • Public Round 2 (December 19 to January 9) allowed the purchase of the $GALEON token for $0.03 for a minimum amount of $200 but without cliff or vesting.

In all, more than 38,000 investors responded to the various rounds. The majority of the money raised was during the third and final sales phase. Indeed, 400 million of the 600 million tokens planned for sale were during this last phase.


The Listing Soon?

No specific date has yet been disclosed about the listing on the exchanges. The project promoters recently announced that the audit of the contracts by the firms Certif and Hacken was in progress. At present, this audit would be coming to an end and would be more than 70% complete. The address of the $GALEON token should also be communicated a few days before the listing.

After the ICO, the project leaders communicated on a listing date between February and March. There is currently no evidence to contradict this hypothesis.

Good to know: According to data published on the Telegram group, nearly 1,800 wallets have not yet confirmed their KYC.

The Deadlines To Come After The Listing

The carriers of the Galeon project are also focused on the concrete deployment of the solution. The year 2022 should therefore see several hospitals deploy the software offered by the French start-up. In all, around ten different hospitals have already shown strong interest in Galeon’s offer.

The other sensitive aspect for the teams should concern the launch of the Launchpad. Via this Launchpad, the Galeon team intends to promote new crypto projects. Projects that will be offered under more advantageous conditions for those who own $GALEON tokens. Staking options for the token could also quickly emerge after listing.

If you want more information on the deployment of Galeon, the platform offers free access to its litepaper.

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