Binance Pay Gift Card and Crypto Box are products of the Binance exchange . They allow you to send gifts to friends and family in cryptocurrency. Let’s see how it works.

Gift card

On the Binance app, you can create and send your original cryptocurrency gift card. The user can choose the theme of the card, amount and currency. In addition, it is possible to add a message to the map. The application has a large selection of themes for maps. These are various greeting cards, a classic version, for special occasions, limited collections, etc.

After receiving a gift card, the recipient must enter the card code to redeem it. After that, the cryptocurrency will go to the account of the lucky owner of the gift card. Or add the card to your account to redeem it later.

There is a gift card number and code. The card number is used to track the status of the card. For example, whether the card has already been redeemed. As well as the amount that is on the card. The card code is used to redeem the card and credit funds to the wallet. It is worth considering that the card code must be kept secret. After all, anyone who has the code can redeem the card.

Crypto Box


What other features does the Binance Pay service provide? In addition to gift cards, you can also send boxes with gifts in cryptocurrency to your friends.

In the “Pay” section in the “Crypto Box” tab, you can create a box with gifts. Select a currency and enter the amount. It is also possible to add a message to the gift. Here you can also mark how many people will receive this box. If there is more than one recipient, then the specified funds will be distributed among them randomly.

After checking and confirming all the data, you must enter the Binance Pay PIN. Then the system will create a secret code for this box, which must be transferred to the recipient or several recipients.

It is worth remembering that just like with gift cards, anyone who has this secret code will be able to receive a Crypto Box. In addition, the recipient can transfer the secret code to any other user. Thus, the gift can be received by the one to whom it was not intended at all.



The Binance exchange is constantly introducing new products for its users. Binance Pay Gift Card and Crypto Box are simple options that help introduce cryptocurrency into our lives, as well as make pleasant surprises for family and friends.