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Hasher Aggression: How to Protect Against Crypto Theft?

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If hacks of decentralized finance sites are unfortunately commonplace, the aggression suffered by Hasheur last week suggests a new form of delinquency.

Decentralization does not only have advantages. And among the counterparties that will have to be assumed, there is the protection of our money. We will no longer be able to take refuge behind bank insurance in the event of credit card theft. As soon as we start investing in cryptocurrencies, it is therefore important to think about the best way to secure our earnings.

  • Hasheur aggression
  • Reflection on the implications of decentralization
  • Some rules of protection


Hasheur’s Assault Recounted On Twitter


Influencer and entrepreneur Owen Simonin, known as Hasheur, was attacked at his home on Wednesday, January 26. The offender thought he could easily steal his cryptocurrencies by forcing him to give them access to his wallet. Hasheur reacted well by preventing the individual from entering his home despite the bladed weapon he was pointing in his direction. Hasheur immediately locked himself in and called the police to be safe.

Strongly affected by this episode, the influencer immediately made this attack public on social networks. This allowed him not only to verbalize the anguish he felt but also to clarify an important point. He does not have any cryptocurrency at home and cannot access his wallet alone. Indeed, he uses a multi-signature wallet to secure his winnings as much as possible.

Reflection On The Decentralization Implied By Blockchain

This news item shows that the decentralization present in cryptocurrencies deserves attention. The advantages of such a system are often highlighted. It gives us full control of our money. In addition, most blockchains pay transaction fees that are much lower than bank fees.


However, being the full owner of its cryptocurrencies requires us to be overly cautious. If we lose the words that give access to our wallets, no one can recover them for us.


You have to be aware that if the blockchains and therefore our wallets are almost inviolable and tamper-proof, we very often neglect to secure access to these wallets. we must therefore ask ourselves how much of our investment we need to have online. This will allow us to know what we put on centralized exchange platforms, on a virtual wallet such as Metamask or a physical wallet. Anything that will only be on virtual media will depend on the security of your phone or computer. On the contrary, physical wallets are inaccessible from your computer or phone. Unfortunately, Hasheur’s aggression reminds us that violence could compel us to give access to this physical wallet.


How To Secure Your Cryptocurrencies Like Hasheur?


To avoid drama, here are some simple protection rules;

The first rule is not to leave most of your investment on exchange platforms since access to your accounts depends only on the security of your computer equipment. As their name suggests, they should be used primarily for asset trading. It is necessary to use a personal wallet for most of your investments.

The next rule is not to keep the words of your passphrase on your hardware. You not only risk having them hacked with your computer hardware but losing them in the event of a breakdown. It is, therefore, necessary to keep these words on paper, ideally in two places at the same time.


Choosing a Physical Wallet


If you have cryptocurrencies that you want to keep for the long term, do not hesitate to invest in a physical wallet. In reality, it does not contain your wallet but your private key which gives access to your wallet on the blockchain.


Several physical wallets exist, the best known are those of the Ledger brand but the SecuX or Coolwallet are also reliable. The choice will be made by the level of security sought and by the cryptocurrencies possessed. Indeed, not all wallets support the number of cryptocurrencies (even if the best-known blockchains are supported by all these brands).

If you don’t trust any of these solutions, the one used by Hasheur will give you maximum security. It is a multi-signature wallet. This security prevents you from accessing your wallet alone because you will need several private keys to access it, private keys that you can give to people you trust or put in a safe place.

Hasheur’s aggression reminds us that although cryptocurrencies may be dematerialized, they are the object of very real covetousness. It is therefore all the more necessary to take certain measures upstream as we are the only guarantor of their safety. Decentralization will only be beneficial if it makes us aware of the increased responsibility it gives us.

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