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How blockchain-based DAOs Can Transform the Nigeria Educational System

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The concept of a learning community has been installed in educational theory for some decades now. It is a concept launched mainly to dialogue with the more institutional concept of educational communities. With its inroads, the concept of learning communities places more emphasis on the process and the open and engaging nature of all learning. It underlines the character of dialogue of all learning. Therefore, it can be linked to Socratic maieutics, collected by Plato, or the method by which the teacher teaches through questions.


DAO and Learning


The theory of learning communities was nourished by the rejection of the conception of the “student” as a mere recipient of the supposed transmission of knowledge. He is, above all, an active agent who participates in such transmission. Well, the news is the concretion of this concept in a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), based on blockchain and whose content is precisely the relationship between crypto, culture and society: the adaptations between society and the crypto ecosystem. The proposal consists of moving from learning communities to learning DAOs, to decentralized autonomous learning organizations.


The project has been established through crowdfunding, which has already exceeded the goal of the relatively modest 15 ETH (around 50,000 USD) that had been set. He has raised 25 ETH (about 82,000 USD). A money mainly destined to the elaboration of materials and to obtain the participation and intervention of different experts. As well as to configure itself as an autonomous space in the Mirror communication medium. Experts from the crypto world itself, ranging from the evolution of work and employment, to the future configuration of the media. Without neglecting the moral dilemmas that are at the core of the crypto ecosystem or the current situation of NFTs.


Vote for Topic Shows


What is interesting is how those who acquire their participation in the project, which can range from 0.1 ETH to 1 ETH, not only acquire the right to receive the materials and contents of the training, but, for example, can participate in the formation of the programs.

As can be derived, the product is not so much what tends to be called “master classes”, where interaction and reference to practical situations are encouraged. In other words, the holders of the crowdfunding tokens will be able to vote on the program of topics to be developed, as well as the destination of the funds collected. But, beyond this, what stands out is the concept of community: the constitution of a learning community. This includes the demand for learning and involvement with other members of the community.

The involvement in these learning communities is at the beginning. It has to be assumed. We will have to be attentive to its realization and, above all, its follow-up and future projections. So far, it’s an interesting experiment. To know if it will go beyond a collection of promising encounters with experts, at a relatively reasonable price, we will have to wait.

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