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How can Bitcoin help in unemployment in Nigeria?

Cryptocurrency helps to fight the "supervisory" capitalism that is replacing the existing world order. The chances of an ordinary person being unemployed are close to 99%. What exactly should humanity prepare for? 

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The chances of being unemployed in Nigeria are 95%. How can bitcoin help you? Capitalism as we know it will end, and the world will not be the same as it was before. In developed countries, the slogan “To each according to his needs” is increasingly being implemented. This means that everyone can count on an unconditional basic income. But it will no longer be possible to get “from each according to its capabilities”, because the world does not need so many labor resources.

Those who are now engaged in mining or in industry, that is, the basis of production, make up only 1% of humanity. Those who are engaged in the so-called redistribution will be replaced by artificial intelligence and will also be of no use to anyone. Your chances of being unemployed are close to 99%.

Why is a new world order waiting for us?

The new world system, or the fourth industrial revolution, will soon become a global phenomenon. No, humanity has not reached some higher level that will allow us to radically change everything. A situation has developed on the planet that will not be possible to survive in other conditions.

First, the over-accumulation of debt has led to an insoluble crisis in the global financial system.

Secondly, the existing system of consumption has become an environmental problem.

Despite the large number of critical opinions on this particular issue, it is no longer possible to reject the fact that an acute environmental situation exists. It is enough just to see the huge accumulation of garbage in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. In order not to catch this garbage, fish trawlers have not been fishing for a long time within 1-2 km from the coast. Instead, they go much further – thousands of miles into the open sea. The marine fauna does not have time to renew itself, and there is simply nothing to catch close to the coast.

The problems of lowering the level of groundwater and global warming are still relevant. There is a growing shortage of electricity due to the fact that more and more people have seized upon the Western way of life. It is available to almost everyone. Everyone wants a separate house and one or two cars per family.

What solution do experts and futurists predict?

The solution, or rather the future, for the current situation is predicted in his book by Klaus Schwab. This is a German economist, founder and permanent president of the World Economic Forum in Davos since 1971.

Schwab’s main idea is the idea of social communism. The main tenets of the book tell us to give up property, no car, no home, and an unconditional basic income instead of a job.

You will be served by social structures, and the state will take care of health insurance and education. Thus, according to Schwab, a fair world system with equal opportunities for all will be built.

What solution do experts and futurists predict?What solution do experts and futurists predict?

The crisis of the world economy is like a world war

Just as in armed conflict, marshals implement their strategies through the hands of officers and soldiers, so in the economy, someone will play a role in this global game. Industrial progress led to an increase in labor productivity. Trade unions in the USA and European countries fought for the rights of workers, demanded higher wages, social guarantees and better working conditions. The race for profit forced the capitalists to reduce the cost of goods, so they had to look for labor resources in countries with less developed trade union movements and a lower standard of living.

Prosperous Europeans and Americans were left without work: wherever possible, they are replaced by robots that do not get sick, do not require pensions and do not “pump rights”. Yes, robots need to be designed and adjusted. This is done by highly paid professionals. But these need hundreds and thousands of times less than before. Some of the simple unskilled labor is still cheaper to do by people, like those who work in China.

“Dear” officers and “cheap” soldiers are needed while they are combat-ready. Whoever does not bring benefits, whose services can be replaced by a “cheaper” and more loyal worker, becomes an extra detail in the economic mechanism and goes to the dump.

The whole world will be divided into three economic zones, which will be taken under the control of the world government?

The world that Klaus Schwab paints in his book will need artists, singers, actors and people who work with their hands and bring benefits. Everything else will become unnecessary, redundant. Most of the population will be unemployed. Thus, people need to prepare to become competitive.

Our world is approaching the futuristic dystopias of Hollywood. It will be a world where people are humble, the same and absolutely predictable in their behavior. To be a diligent member of the society that Klaus Schwab paints for us means not to spend money for incomprehensible purposes.

If 3-4 bottles of beer appear in your purchases every evening, then you may be deprived of, for example, health insurance. And how it will affect your social rating, you can only imagine in nightmares. The rating may drop so that you will not be allowed on the tram.

Klaus Schwab says openly that the world we knew before the pandemic will no longer exist. In the next 10 years, the world order will become just that.

In fact, in some areas we have caught up and surpassed George Orwell’s 1984. Books are burned, there is a ministry of truth in the form of Facebook and Twitter. There are filters that prescribe what you can and cannot say. On Twitter alone, 70,000 people are banned per day. Especially harmful and charismatic citizens expect heart attacks and death under strange circumstances.

What place will money take in the new social system?


There will be totalitarian tracking of each unit of means of payment. In this way, monitoring of any person will be established. The government will know about every cup of coffee and every trip you take. It will be visible from which wallet you sent the money and to whom.

We see an example of this at the moment already in El Salvador. There, the government gave each resident $30 in bitcoin in a chivo wallet. This wallet is not anonymous at all, because it uses the lightning system for payments.

The heads of European central banks, one after another, predict the collapse of the cryptocurrency. However, this kind of prediction of collapse has never come true. For example, Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman predicted the collapse of the Internet in 1994. The eminent scientist thought that no company would give up faxing. The collapse of the Internet, as you know, never happened. As for the cryptocurrency, the dangers, of course, exist. These include the actions of financial regulators, which will be aimed at banning bitcoin. But it can even cause additional popularization.

If you start buying bitcoins now, then you will only be among the 1% of humanity on all continents, and 99% will follow you


Bitcoin is already at the stage of its worldwide recognition. If it is banned, then 400 million people from all continents will have to be imprisoned. Therefore, it is difficult to believe in a global ban.

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