With the rise in the value of cryptocurrencies, the demand for mining has also grown. Consider three types of mining: budget, medium and premium. Let’s analyze the daily profitability, and also predict how long the mining farm will pay off.

Budget mining farm

For example, to assemble a budget installation for cryptocurrency mining, 3 NVIDIA RTX 2060 video cards are used. At the beginning of 2022, their cost is $1800. The remaining components, namely: processor, motherboard, etc. will cost about $500.

The speed of computing power will be about 100–110 MH/s. The installation will bring about $ 5 per day when mining an Ethereum coin. The profitability of the farm may vary depending on the electricity tariffs and the exchange rate of the coin. A mining farm with three budget video cards will pay off within 15 months.

Mining farm in the middle price segment

First of all, you will need to purchase an Intel Core i7 processor and a reliable motherboard, which costs about $700 in total. We will perform computational operations on three AMD Radeon VII video cards. The cost of each card is around $1,300.

Such a farm will provide a hashrate of 290 MH/S. Every day the installation will bring about $14-15 per day. With a stable exchange rate and an electricity tariff no higher than $0.15 kWh, the investment will pay off within one year.

Premium mining farm


For this assembly, we will take two powerful NVIDIA Tesla A100 video cards. The cost of each is about $12,000. Other components must also be taken from the premium segment.

Two such cards will provide an uninterrupted hashrate in the region of 380 MH / s. The profitability of the farm will be about $700 monthly when mining an Ethereum coin. The installation should pay off in about 35 months.

Which farm is more profitable to use?


It is worth noting that the premium option is not the most rational. With such a budget, the user has the opportunity to collect up to 8 installations from the cheap and medium segment, resulting in a higher profitability. In addition, more graphics cards can help spread the risk in the event of a hardware failure.

It is important to note that in your own calculations you must also take into account the local electricity tariff, the cost of consumables and regular maintenance.