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How to convert your digital art into NFTs and sell it

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You’ve been making digital art for years. You love to create, but living as a starving artist is growing old. Well, there’s a new technology that might help you out: non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs are like certificates of authenticity or collectibles that can be attached to your work and sold on decentralized marketplaces. We’ll explain what NFTs are in more detail later, but first let’s talk about how you can start using this technology for yourself.

Creating digital art


Creating digital art is easier than ever. Your options range from free tools like Pixlr and Canva to industry leaders such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If your budget allows, you can also purchase a Wacom tablet, which will turn your computer screen into a digital canvas while adding an intuitive dimension that’s difficult to achieve with just a mouse.

Whatever tools you choose, there are plenty of tutorials available online to help guide you through the process.

Converting to NFTs in MetaMask


In simple terms, a crypto wallet is where you can store and access your cryptocurrencies, like an internet-based bank account. In order to convert your digital art into NFTs, you’ll need to have a crypto wallet. One of the most popular crypto wallets is MetaMask, which offers a basic interface that makes it easy for beginners to manage their cryptocurrency while also supporting advanced features that appeal to more experienced users. If you already use MetaMask or another type of cryptocurrency wallet, feel free to skip ahead to the next section!

Selling your art on Rarible

  • Start by creating an account on
  • Navigate to
  • Use the “Connect Wallet” button to connect your MetaMask wallet.
  • After connecting your wallet, enter a title, description, and price for your item in USD, then click the “Upload Image” button and select an image from your computer you’d like to upload as a preview of the NFT asset you’re putting up for sale. Click “Save” when finished entering this information.



As we’ve seen, NFTs are a great way to monetize your digital art. But they’re not only for monetizing digital art—they can be used to sell or trade digital assets, collectibles, and so much more. You can even use NFTs to sell your art on a decentralized marketplace like Rarible.

With the flexibility of NFTs and the access you have to a huge audience of potential buyers out there, there’s no excuse not to start minting and selling your art today.

You can sell your NFTs on decentralized marketplaces like Rarible (and collect royalties)


You can sell your NFTs on decentralized marketplaces like Rarible (and collect royalties)

Once you’ve created an NFT and published it on a blockchain, you’ll need to choose how to sell it. In some cases, the creators of NFTs opt to make them available through auction. They may also choose to obtain a seller’s license that allows them to keep their work private and distribute it as they choose.

If you want buyers to be able to purchase your work, then you’ll need a way for them to do so; this means setting up an account with one of the many online art marketplaces that currently exist.

Decentralized marketplaces are another option for collectors looking for open-source software platforms where artists can create digital artworks that can be sold or exchanged through cryptocurrency transactions.

Many artists who create digital artworks also offer their work in physical form as well, which is usually done either by purchasing prints or having limited-edition copies made from original files (which often cost more than prints). There are several ways that collectors may wish to obtain copies of these works:

  • Prints are typically sold directly from the artist’s website; however, there are other options available if this isn’t feasible due to cost constraints or time commitments required by those who would like printed versions but aren’t able
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