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How to earn more money as a taxi driver in Nigeria

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Driving a taxi in Nigeria is a profession that can be beneficial if you like working in front of the public and if the idea of ​​spending the whole day touring the city in your car excites you.

This is a job with many benefits since you can have a flexible schedule and earn money according to your efforts and dedication, however, the most important thing is motivation and having short breaks during the day to avoid stress and anxiety and to do the shortest days.

An essential requirement is the attitude of the driver, who must be empathetic and friendly, attentive to what the passenger requires and willing to help in everything the user needs.

If you want to practice this profession and want to know how to earn more money, in this article we show you several options that you can take into account.

This is How You Can Earn More Money With Your Taxi in Nigeria 

Fleet of yellow taxi cabs make their way down the street of Lagos



We suggest some ideas to increase your daily, weekly, and monthly income working as a Nigerian taxi driver:


  • Using apps to get customers


Technology advances and users and companies adapt to these new changes. The most recent in this sector is the use of mobile applications to book taxis, these are a comfortable, safe and fast way to find a taxi just by using a connected device.

Whether you are self-employed or work for a taxi line, this is a good way to get more customers since this method is widely used today.

The best thing is that if you give a good service, the client can leave a positive comment within the App so that other users can hire you.


  • Accept various payment methods

It is important to receive any payment method that the passenger suggests, from cash (always have change on hand) to credit card payments and not to refuse anyone for this reason.

This last option is quite comfortable and the customer can use the App for taxis where you are registered to pay by credit card.

  • Know languages

You know Nigeria is a kind of country that cuts through different dialects, and as such, you are bound to encounter different people. Although it is not an essential requirement to practice this profession, knowing the basics of some languages ​​is a plus for this profession because you will be able to transfer all kinds of people without any problem.It is advisable to take a short language course for taxis.

  • Referral marketing

Always try to provide a quality service so that the client is satisfied and hires you several times.

Before getting off, you can ask him if he liked the service to recommend you to his acquaintances.This is an excellent option to get more clients, even better than paid advertising since people feel more confident if other people assure them that the service is good.

  • In-vehicle advertising

Every day, there are more taxi drivers in Nigeria who place advertising on the sides of the vehicle, this is a way to earn extra money.

Many companies hire taxi drivers to advertise them, these can be taxi Apps or any product or service.

  • Find areas with high demand

Do not get stuck in one place, investigate and visit the areas with the highest number of passers-by as the demand for this service is greater.

Visiting areas with higher demand improves billing since you transfer a greater number of clients per day.

  • Work nights, weekends and holidays

If you want to earn more money practicing this profession, it is best to be efficient and work hard, do not miss the opportunity to work on weekends, holidays and nights since the number of clients is greater and the competition is less.

  • Rent the taxi

If you work about eight hours a day, one of the things you can do to generate more income is to rent the vehicle to another driver during the hours that you rest.

The ideal is that there is a contract specifying the conditions, responsibilities and the distribution of the profits generated by the activity.

This person will keep a portion of the profits while you pay the bills and any mishaps with the car.

  • Know the city

This is a basic in this profession since knowing all the corners of the city or town where you practice this profession will allow you to find the best routes to reach your destination faster and avoid traffic.

And although the route must always be reviewed and approved by the passenger, you can always recommend and guide them to choose the best one.

  • Diversity of service

Another way to earn more money is to work for a specific sector of the population;you can make school transport, make transport for some companies or take exclusive passengers who invest more money in a taxi.

Other ideas are: transport for the disabled, administration of drugs, tourism sector, etc.Research and adapt the vehicle to meet the requirements each time.

  • Join a line of taxis with enough acceptance

In case of joining a taxi line, investigate which one is best for you since your success may depend on the acceptance that said line has in the locality where you will provide the service.

Other recommendations

Being a taxi driver in Nigeria is a fairly profitable profession if you know how to take advantage of it, in addition to the recommendations set out above, it is important to remember that quality treatment and service is one of the things that will bring you more clients.

Try to be attentive to the needs of the client, especially with tourists, offering to take them to see interesting typical sites and offering to go and look for those who need it.

Another good option is to be aware of the offers and sites of interest to inform tourists, this could become a source of additional income by making arrangements with some establishments.

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