The answer will be simple – it is real, but not as simple as it seems. In this article, I will introduce you to three unusual ways how you can make money on cryptocurrency using different tools. You will finally see that there are different ways to earn money. 

New ways to make money on cryptocurrency

Previously, I considered the 3 most basic and classic ways to make money on cryptocurrency: mining, trading, investments. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out. In the second part, we will talk about no less interesting ways: token sales, staking, trust funds. At first glance, this seems very complicated. But in fact, it is much easier for a beginner to make money on these methods than on mining or trading. Let’s look at them in more detail.

ICO and tokensales

ICO from the English Initial Coin Offering is an initial coin offering. Companies that want to attract investments before the start of the project issue and sell their tokens (coins) in advance before putting them on the exchanges in full access. Usually a certain number of coins are sold at a certain low price. Thus, the company receives investments from the start for development. And people who bought coins in advance at a lower price directly from the company get the opportunity to sell them at a higher price in the future.

Some time after the limited token sale (sale of coins through ICO), the company lists (puts up) its coins on the exchange. From now on, they become available to everyone. Anyone will be able to buy or sell the company’s coin. And during the listing, the price of a coin usually rises sharply, and then falls. At the same time, if you managed to buy a coin during the token sale, then no one has it during the general listing, but you have it, and even at a lower price.

Thus, you can sell this coin during the listing to other users who just want to buy it and stay in a good plus. Usually the profit can be from 100%.

How it works?

In fact, this process is not difficult. The only problem is that it does not depend directly on you. Usually, pre-sales and token sales are organized on the Coinlist site. You need to register there, go through verification and wait for announcements. During the start of the token sale, you need to be on the site and you will be automatically put in a queue of hundreds of thousands of applicants. Your queue number is determined randomly. Out of 100,000 or even 500,000 people, usually only the first 5,000-30,000 manage to buy. And sometimes even less. So it all depends on luck.

However, there is 1 way to increase your chance of being one of the first in the queue. You need to create many verified accounts and access them through special VPN applications that change your IP address. Since the site does not allow you to log in from different accounts from the same IP address. According to the usual theory of probability, the more accounts you have, the more chances one of them will get into the queue earlier.

Is it suitable for beginners?


As a result, if you managed to get into the queue and buy this or that coin in advance, you can wait for the general listing and immediately sell the coin at a higher price – this is your income.

In terms of time costs, this is a rather difficult way to earn money. You will have to be constantly on the alert not to miss the moment of the token sale, create many accounts and, of course, you need some luck. But the reward for such work is significant. Therefore, if you understand the nuances, then this income does not require huge investments ($100–500 is enough) and very great knowledge. Enough to understand and get used to. This means that this type of earnings can suit beginners.

Staking and farming

Without going into the details of how the staking and pharming algorithm itself works and explain these terms at the layman’s level, then staking is the provision of one’s crypto funds to a certain network in exchange for interest. In simple terms, you lend out of your own funds and earn interest as a percentage, just like banks.

The algorithm and sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. You find specialized platforms, study them, choose the cryptocurrency you need. For example, stablecoins like usdt. Or bitcoin, ether.
  2. Next, you select the proposed annual percentage. Usually platforms offer from 2-3% to 80% per annum for staking. There are 200% and even 1000%. Remember, the higher the percentage, the greater the risk. There are scammers who will offer you thousands of percent and take your money. You need to be more careful with this.
  3. You send money to the platform, they are automatically “frozen”. At any time, you can withdraw the amount of money having received interest from them for the time that they were online.

Farming is a similar system, except that the interest and reward for sending money to the network will not be given to you in the same currency that you sent, but in a different currency of the project that provides you with a platform for farming.

Are there any risks?

Risks Photo: Executium / Unsplash.comRisks Photo: Executium /


To avoid risks, firstly, you should pay attention to what percentage is expected. After all, too high a percentage can be the first herald of deceivers. Secondly, pay attention to how much money is already frozen in the network. The more, the more reliable.

There are a number of specialized and approved sites with adequate low or medium percentages. In this case, no one will deceive you. However, there are sites that should be treated with suspicion. Always check the reviews and the amount of frozen funds. Then the chance of getting scammed is practically zero.

Cons of staking

This type of income is quite risk-free. However, firstly, the percentage of earnings will be much lower than, for example, in the same trading.

Secondly, it is an informational entry barrier for beginners. At first, it will be difficult to understand the functionality of staking sites. However, once you can fully understand the principle of operation, the process of earning money is extremely simple. Especially when compared with trading or mining.

There is only one barrier to entry into this type of earnings – knowledge about the essence of staking. However, do not worry. There are plenty of resources and tutorials on the internet on this topic. We will also release a detailed article on staking soon. This will help you understand this topic one hundred percent.

Ways to earn money: trust funds 

Trust funds (or simply DU) exist not only in the cryptocurrency segment. The principle of their work is extremely simple: you send your money to the fund, and after the time has elapsed, you are returned a fixed or floating percentage. The process itself is similar to steaking. Only your funds fall into the hands of experienced traders who make huge profits. And part is returned to you for providing your funds.

The uniqueness of the crypto-currency segment is that the crypto-currency market gives a much larger percentage of profit (with skillful handling) than the stock market or the banking system. This means that the annual interest in cryptocurrency DUs is much higher.

Benefits of trust management 


Typically, crypto-currency trusts offer good annual returns: 40-50-80 and even 100. This is often more than staking, and at the same time you do not need to study any additional materials. It is enough to go to the website of the fund and deposit money. This is an ideal way to make money on cryptocurrency for a beginner and for a person who wants to have passive income and not get involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

The main disadvantage of remote control funds

There is only one problem in trust management. But it is so big that this earnings can be considered the MOST risky of all presented. 95% of all such funds are pyramid schemes and HYIP projects. Especially in the CIS market. We will tell you more about pyramids and HYIP projects in one of the following articles . But all you need to know now is that the pyramid schemes imitate a flurry of activity, but in fact they simply deceive and take all the money invested by the client.

Pyramids promise you sky-high percentages of earnings, long structures of referral programs. As well as the possibility of permanent withdrawal of money. They hide behind the increase of capital on trading, but they simply give out money to new investors from the funds of old investors. And at one moment the pyramid stops paying funds at all and closes. 

That is why large sums of money cannot be invested in such funds. Only a small part, only after a personal thorough check: reviews of real users, background of the creator, terms of use, etc.

Big profits – big risks


As a result, we can say that it is really possible to make money on cryptocurrency . There are many ways to earn money. Many are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

If you have a desire to understand each of the types of earnings, you have enough time for this and have FREE capital, then cryptocurrency can become a real additional passive or active income. The main thing is to choose the right strategy and the most convenient ways for you to earn money.

The only important condition is to always be careful, diversify your capital, monitor all risks and be prepared for both big earnings and big losses.