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How to find Instagram influencers in Nigeria? Tools and tips

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Influencers are now at the heart of social media strategies in Nigeria. Particularly present on Instagram, they offer opportunities for gigantic partnerships. To increase productivity, brands must therefore put in place effective procedures aimed at recognizing the profiles corresponding to their expectations. To achieve this, methods and tools for statistical analysis of accounts have proven their worth.


How to find an Instagram influencer for a partnership?



To find an Instagram influencer suitable for their marketing campaign, brands must go through a process of defining their needs, particularly in terms of image and target, and analyzing account data. Some tools facilitate this task, which is far too time-consuming if it is done manually.


How to get it done?



1. Define your typical profile and your target


Finding an Instagram influencer goes through several phases, the first of which is to define a typical profile. To do this, it is necessary to describe precisely the values ​​sought by the brand as well as the intended target. Because to enter into effective communication with potential customers, it is best to choose an influencer with whom they can identify.


For example, a food substitute brand aiming to lose weight may turn to an account that offers photos and videos of its author’s progressive slimming. Choosing a person who has always presented himself as being slender would be much less effective because he is in no way representative of the problems encountered by the target.



2. Choose a campaign objective



A second preliminary step is necessary for any search for an influencer: the definition of the objective of the influence campaign. A company can aim for better notoriety, the expansion of its community, a change of brand image, and course an increase in sales. It is important to consider the intended purpose when choosing the person with whom to collaborate. Not all influencers are good salespeople. Some will be perfect for convincing their followers to follow a company’s page, others will be more effective at conveying a message about its values.



3. Make the first list



Once these steps have been completed, it is time to select a limited number of influencers from the multitude of accounts existing on the network. This choice must come from a reflection carried out on the balance between the desired degree of influence and the available budget. In the end, for logistical reasons, it is preferable not to exceed ten profiles.



4. Contact and meet candidates


The first step will be to contact the influencer: make sure you present your company and the project well. Brands that benefit from a large budget for a flash campaign or those that wish to establish a long-term partnership then have every interest in meeting the selected people.


During this interview, they will be able to assess the compatibility of the influencers’ values ​​with their own. It will also be an opportunity to determine whether their way of working corresponds to company procedures.


Finally, it is the best way to appreciate purely human affinities. Working with an influencer for several months involves a lot of discussion and negotiation. Certain communication skills are therefore essential to establish a cordial and trusting relationship.



What criteria to choose an Instagram influencer?


To select the profile best suited to your needs, a few criteria must be taken into account:


  • The area of ​​expertise: the influencer must belong to the sector of activity of the brand and be able to demonstrate a certain level of knowledge to remain credible in front of his audience.
  • Personality and charisma: they must match the brand image to ensure a consistent message. Many character traits are possible depending on the needs of the company: sincerity, energy, elegance, determination, or humor.
  • Values: the principles defended by the influencer, such as environmental protection or made in France for example, must correspond to those of the brand, always with an alignment view.
  • Content: it is always better to choose a profile that offers quality content, posted regularly. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid accounts full of uninteresting or unprofessional photos as well as poorly written texts. The credibility of the brand depends on it.
  • The number of subscribers: there are several types of influencers depending on their number of subscribers (mega, macro, micro, or nano). Not every brand needs a macro influencer with over 1 million followers. They are difficult to access and poorly suited to niche markets such as animal photography for example.
  • Engagement: the engagement rate helps ensure that an account is truly influential. Many subscribers, but few reactions (likes, shares, comments) is not an interesting formula for brands. In any case, it is better to have a small, very active account than a large, lifeless one.
  • The history: before embarking on a partnership, it is good to know what the influencer has done before. It would be inappropriate, for example, for a brand that fights against animal abuse, to work with a person who praised the merits of a makeup product tested on animals a week earlier.
  • Experience: Working with a newbie influencer can be a good idea for small businesses on a budget. But this choice also has its downsides, as an inexperienced person can jeopardize a campaign with an unprofessional attitude or clumsy posts.



Manual research on Instagram: the basics




To find an Instagram influencer, the basic technique is to manually browse the profiles and analyze their potential.


To begin with, it is worth visiting the page of its subscribers. Proposing a partnership to a person already in connection with his brand will be easier than with an influencer who has never heard of it. This can also promote financial negotiations.


Hashtags are also a good way to find accounts that match your searches. To do this, simply type the keywords of his brand in the search bar, go to the hashtags category, then browse the publications classified in the “popular” tab.


This is where the photos with the most engagement are collected. It is therefore a good starting point for discovering potentially interesting new accounts.


Of course, manual research has its limits. It may correspond to the procedures of a small craft brand, but may not suit companies that bank their success on the realization of multiple influencer marketing campaigns. This is where influencer research tools come in.



What tools to find Instagram influencers?



1. Favicon: an all-in-one tool




Image source: Twitter


Favicon is a platform for carrying out all of its influence marketing campaigns. The platform plays the simplicity card with features that facilitate research and analysis among 4 million accounts. To help decision-making, it offers an overall score for each profile based on the criteria sought and the success of its previous campaigns.

Favicon is also a monitoring tool that allows you to follow all your influencers on the same interface and to evaluate the performance of the campaigns launched. In short, it is a complete platform, easy to learn, and financially accessible. It has little or no drawbacks.




Favicon offers 3 packages adapted to the different needs of companies: “starter” for occasional campaigns, “pro” for brands that launch them regularly, and “business” for large groups. There is also a tailor-made formula available on request. The rates range from 20,433.49 Nigerian Naira to 169,105.37 Nigerian Naira depending on the subscription chosen and the method of payment (monthly, quarterly, or annually).


2. Stellar: evaluating the financial results of a collaboration





Stellar is an influencer campaign management and analysis tool. It allows you to quickly choose an influencer from a catalog of 10 million. International, the platform is particularly suitable for brands that are developing in several countries. This allows them to work with a single tool for all their collaborations. To save time when getting started, Stellar offers the import of its network from a Chrome extension or an Excel file.

Another strong point: the estimation of the monetary value of the results of each influencer. Even before launching a campaign, the company can therefore visualize its performance and its potential ROI.

Stellar uploads profile analytics and content in real-time. Every day, trends evolve and brands can therefore revise their strategy over time. A great way to react quickly to market fluctuations. Finally, this tool makes it possible to monitor and analyze all campaigns as well as to stay in contact with partner influencers.




Stellar’s prices are very personalized and depend on 2 criteria, namely the number of influencers, which ranges from 25 to 1000, although there is an unlimited option, and the chosen features which are 4 in number:


  • “Influencers” allows you to follow accounts from your private network
  • “Projects” adds the fact of being able to manage its campaigns
  • “Reports” which gives access to content monitoring and performance analyses
  • “Discovery” opens the doors to the platform’s complete catalog of influencers.


The various combinations of all these formulas give monthly rates ranging from 89 € to 1566 €. An annual subscription provides a 12% discount. Finally, it should be noted that a free version exists: it allows you to discover the tool through the management of a maximum of 3 influencers.



3. Social Blade: collaborating internationally





Social Blade is a statistical monitoring tool for profiles from many networks and social media. It gives access to no less than 90 million profiles worldwide, including 11 million on Instagram. Available in English, Social Blade allows you to analyze and compare profiles to sort out those who have real influence and those who buy fake subscribers.

Social Blade also gives the possibility to rank influencers according to their number of subscribers, the engagement rate, the average number of likes or comments, as well as the number of media used.

The statistics card also indicates the number of subscribers gained or lost during the last 30 days. All this data is available in the form of tables and graphs for better readability. The curves make it possible to identify in the blink of an eye the accidents, of course, the dangerous drop in commitment, or on the contrary a sudden craze.



Social Blade is a free tool that requires a simple registration. It’s ideal for small businesses that want to experience influencer marketing on a budget.


4. Use new Instagram features





To find an Instagram influencer, the best solution may still be to use the tools offered by the platform itself. All-new, these features aim to help influencers and brands build relationships more easily and thus create more value.


First, Instagram has implemented a filter allowing brands to instantly find accounts that have declared that they want to work with them or those that have interacted with their publications. Knowing that companies should set up a partnership with a person who is motivated to use their products and therefore to promote them, this feature, which does not exist on other platforms, is particularly interesting.


Instagram has also decided to monetize short videos called Reels, specifying the approach with the mention “sponsored”. This option called “Boost for Branded Content” will allow influencers to highlight organic publications that are of interest to brands, whether on the feed or in stories.



All new Instagram features are completely free. They serve the development of brands and creators, and therefore of the platform.


Finding an Instagram influencer is a fundamental step in setting up an influencer campaign. Any strategy imagined can fall apart following an unsuitable choice or a difficult collaboration. It is therefore essential to take the time to determine the criteria for selecting the right person. In case of difficulty in finding the right account, it is better to delay the campaign rather than embark on a partnership with an influencer chosen by default.

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