The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, interact and entertain ourselves in Nigeria. For some time now, its influence has been spreading, to an increasing extent, also to the workplace. The ways we have of working and the type of jobs that are emerging today are increasingly influenced by digitization, new technologies and connectivity.

This opens the door to a large number of new possibilities with which we can get from extra income, to give a complete turn or a definitive boost to our professional career. If you want to know some of the ways in which you can benefit from this new ecosystem, stay with us for a while because we are going to give you a few keys about it.

Keys to get additional income online


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1. There’s no easy way out


The first thing to say Is that, as in any sector and in any business in Nigeria, there are no magic solutions or infallible recipes to be successful working on the Internet.

What do we mean by this? On the one hand, we must be wary of those who sell us easy systems or fantastic methods that require little dedication and promise great returns. Neither this type of system, nor other means such as online betting or the foreign exchange market are places that we recommend entering, since not only do they not guarantee us profits, but they also pose a significant risk to our investments, whether they are monetary or in terms of time.


2. Patience does it


As with any other Nigerian business, to carve out a future that can sustain us on the internet, we must have patience, perseverance and a good dose of dedication. Those who sell the opposite, most likely, will be trying to scam us. That said, what are some of the options we have to get extra income through the internet, (or, why not, to consider a new career path supported by our network activity)?


3. Differentiate the kind of income


We must differentiate, first of all, the type of income that we can receive according to the type of activity that we are going to carry out and the approach that we adopt. In this sense, we have active income. These are those for which we receive payments for specific activities that we carry out. In other words, our remuneration depends directly on those specific tasks.

Then there is passive income, which is income that is generated automatically and independently from an initial action. In this case, the investment is usually more important at the beginning, but then the sustenance does not require continuous dedication. Some examples of the latter can be the creation of online courses, podcasts or audiobooks. We also find affiliate marketing (very common in the VPN market, such as ExpressVPN), the monetization of a website through advertising, or even investment in cryptocurrencies.


4. Sell what’s in vogue


There are many ways to earn money online. Some of the ones that may come to mind first are the creation of a blog or a website that, through one method or another, generates income for us (either by selling products or services, advertising, selling affiliate products, or others). We can also talk about the sale of products through platforms designed for this purpose (from those in which we can offer the products and services that we make —Amazon, Etsy…—, to others where we can get extra income for things that we no longer need —Wallapop, Vinted, etc.

Then there are the systems by which we offer our services through an online freelance work platform (Fiver, Freelancer, Guru, Upwork…). Also, of course, we have those who make the leap to fame or manage to find a loyal audience through the creation of a YouTube channel or becoming a social media influencer. 

Other options such as selling stock photos and videos on platforms such as Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Dissolve or VideoHive (to mention a few), teaching online language classes (e.g Learn for Good, Co…), evaluating websites and giving feedback (e.g .Userfeel, Ubertesters), doing micro-jobs in places like Amazon Mechanical Turk, or publishing books for Kindle are alternatives that can complete a list that, as the digital environment expands, gets bigger and bigger.