Sometimes we consider that, by having an online store, we will have the possibility of selling automatically. However, for our e-commerce to bring us the profits we expect, we need to make a lot of efforts to make this a reality.

User opinions are a possibility that gives us options to increase (or decrease) our sales. So getting positive reviews of our products is essential.

According to Statista, the number of Nigeria online shoppers grew significantly from 2017 to 2019 by a whopping 43%, with a total number exceeding 76.7 million users in 2020. All of these prove that a lot of Nigerians are significantly thrilled with their purchases made on the Internet, so let’s take advantage of their opinion on our site.


6 tips to get positive reviews on your products in Nigeria


We know that today we have many digital marketing strategies at hand that will help us increase conversions in our e-commerce. Even so, there is something that will be essential to us: the opinion of the clients.

It is a complicated issue, because, although there are positive opinions, they can also leave us negative comments that affect our online reputation. So by not making efforts to get positive reviews, we are wasting vital time to maintain our good reputation online. Here are some tips:


Positive reviews build trust around your products and others are more likely to buy.

1. Be clear, precise, and objective with the description of your products


By avoiding disappointment or confusion in our buyers, you will help them to be more satisfied with their purchases. Therefore, we should not underestimate the importance of the description of our products.

Although it is important to find the strong points, it is necessary that we give all the information about it, so that the user knows what he is acquiring. We generate less frustration for the purchase and therefore more happy buyers who can give us positive feedback.

2. Use quality images


They are very valuable, as are the descriptions. The images will allow us to give the client a clear idea of ​​what he is going to acquire. Ensure that the colors are seen as they are, details are shown, which help them decide, but above all, to be clear about what they are going to receive.


3. Maintain constant communication


Customer service is essential to achieving buyer satisfaction. The options must be closed, with good attention, so that the user looks for other ways to express his annoyance or establish communication with the company.


4. Make an effort to make communication channels clear and pay attention to each of them


Pay attention, above all, to those users with whom there is a complication, be it with a return, shipment, or mistake in the order. Nigerians can be very impatient and once it involves money, they are twice as impatient.  However, if they always feel informed and accompanied in the process, it’ll help reduce any negative burden in the experience.


5. Offer quality products or services


It is impossible to fight against something that will constantly affect us, if our product is not good or of poor quality, it will be difficult to get rid of negative reviews. The higher the quality of the services or products you are selling, the greater the satisfaction of your customers and the better their comments.

6. Be efficient and fast in your service.


By being fast and efficient in our service, the better the experience that users have in our online store. Do not forget the post-sale stage, which is also important.

7. Engage your customers with your brand, service, or product.


Carrying out strategies that manage to engage customers with our e-commerce is an excellent tactic. This is to become spokespersons for them or to get involved in dynamics that motivate their participation, with reviews in our online store.

Positive reviews create a chain reaction online, making users buy from the experience of others. 

User feedback weighs heavily on our reputation. Trust Nigerians to want to harness the opportunity to break you with the slightest of excuses and praise you to the high heavens if you do well. Try to take care of all aspects related to the shopping experience and customer service, so that you have satisfied buyers, who provide good comments to your e-commerce. The confidence that they express will help your sales increase.

To finish, if you have social networks, do not neglect them. Comments not only on the site, but anywhere your online store is are important. Your presence and activity on social networks, the response to comments or concerns in different user spaces, will also inspire confidence in potential customers.