Customer acquisition is, perhaps, one of the most difficult processes that a company has. It is not about advertising to get buyers, it is about creating a community that appreciates your product and therefore is loyal to it . But… How to get it? Of course, the guarantee of results will come from the hand of a social media agency capable of developing a successful strategy for your profile. However, we give you a little inspiration here.

Get the best customers on social media


First things first, we must define what social media is in marketing. SSM (Social Media Marketing) is a process that focuses on generating traffic on your social and web networks. In general, it is about branding to reach potential customers.

Social media strategies are varied, they take their bases from marketing and adapt them to new communication channels; in reality, it behaves very differently from traditional advertising. Instead, it has a lot to do with Inbound Marketing, which is concerned with attracting customers instead of searching for them. Then:

How to achieve a social media strategy?



1. Carry out an analysis of the situation of your brand in social networks. Ask yourself: What place does it occupy in the market? What are its strengths and weaknesses? What do my customers want? All in order to establish the elements to be taken into account within the strategy.

2. It’s time to define your social media goals. These goals will determine the path the strategy takes and the steps you need to take to make it a reality. At this point you need to ask yourself what do you want to achieve and what memories do you have? Surely to achieve your goals you will need to establish KPL’s (Performance Meters) so that you can measure and analyze the results of your marketing actions.

3. After defining the objectives and the times in which you plan to achieve each of them, it is time to do content marketing; content that must be attractive, influential and above all, be in line with what your customers want

4. The brand image is also transcendental, this is when a social media agency enters to collaborate. The brand image is not only your face in front of customers, it is also the identity of what you believe in and what you want to represent

5. Lastly, we encourage you to make a content calendar, there specify both the message you want to launch with the image of your brand and the creativity of the photo or video that you are going to include, and, of course, the copy that you created.


Benefits of social media marketing



To all these, it is good that you know the benefits that a strong social media strategy can bring to your company, because we assure you, that they go beyond attracting customers on the web…


1. Improve sales: this is evident, by attracting more customers and above all, niche customers, sales accelerate and demand increases.


2. Brand recognition: no matter how big or small your brand is, the truth is that with social media strategies you will have a presence on social networks, which directly implies strengthening your brand identity.


3. Social networks, useful tools: social networks like Instagram or Facebook are tools that will help you streamline the internal processes of your company, one of them is to establish a strong communication channel with your customers.

4. Increased traffic and web positioning: the more quality and interesting content is linked to an advertising strategy, new opportunities are achieved towards your website or online store. As well as, a correct social media presence will improve web positioning in search engines. 

Measuring the results for your social media strategy is essential; It is important to carry out a statistical and periodic follow-up of the results that you are obtaining, in this way you ensure compliance with the objectives that you set at the beginning (taking the KPL’s that you defined as a reference). Thus, there are multiple tools to measure the results of your social media marketing plan, some of them are offered by the social networks themselves and others are external applications.

We hope that this article has been of great help to you to strengthen the identity of your brand, but especially so that it grows efficiently and quickly. Do not forget that the best results are achieved alongside experts; For this reason, try to go hand in hand with an agency with experience in the field. You will see that this investment will be worth all the worth in the world.