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How to install and configure the MetaMask crypto wallet in your browser and access the Web3

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In this post we tell you how to install and configure the MetaMask crypto wallet, one of the most widely used in the world to access the Web3. This wallet for web browsers has become one of the main keys to access and interact with dApps of all kinds. From DeFi, NFT or metaverses. Thus, what began as a small project supported by two people has now become one of the most widely used crypto tools with a very promising future.



Origin of MetaMask


The history of MetaMask dates back to 2016, when developers Aaron Davis and Dan Finlay started building the app. His idea was to create a non-custodial wallet, integrated into web browsers, in a way that would facilitate the use of decentralized applications. At that time, dApps were just beginning to flourish and MetaMask quickly became an easy-to-use tool.


How MetaMask could make all this possible? The answer is that Ethereum and its developers have created an infrastructure, known as Web3, that allows it. This architecture is based on a JavaScript library called web3.js, an RPC system that allows us to create a communication channel between the user, using MetaMask, the dApp that we see in the browser, and the Ethereum nodes, which is where the contracts are. smart. This is what makes it easy for MetaMask to allow you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain or any other that implements this system, such as Polygon or BNB Chain.


The use of JavaScript and standards like RPC make it easy for extensions to be created for browsers like Chrome or Firefox. In addition, it also has support for operating systems, such as iOS or Android. In other words, a MetaMask wallet can be installed and configured on almost any current device.


How to install MetaMask crypto wallet


Installing MetaMask is quite easy. The first thing is to go to its official website and start downloading the extension. You can also go to the app stores of iOS or Android devices. We recommend that you always go to the official website and use its links to avoid installing a fake wallet that could endanger your cryptocurrencies. The official MetaMask website is: .


MetaMask, official website of the wallet


Once there, you just have to click on “Download Now” and it will take you to the selection of the wallet you need for your device. In our case, we are using Edge Chromium (a derivative of Chromium, the basis of Google Chrome), so Google Chrome extensions will do the trick. At this point, we just click on “Install MetaMask for Edge” (in your case the name of the browser you are using will appear).


Downloading the wallet in our browser


There it will take you to the browser extension store and you can start the process of installing the wallet in your browser.


Configuring the wallet


Once you have the wallet installed, you need to start the initial setup process. The start tutorial will tell you step by step everything you need to do. First of all, click on the “Start” button.

Starting the MetaMask wallet configuration



The next step will ask you to choose one of the following things:

  1. Create a wallet using a seed phrase or backup keywords.
  2. Create a new wallet from scratch.


If you have already created a MetaMask before and have the seed phrase in your possession, you can use the first option. In this way, you regain access to the wallet and you can use the balance and tokens in it. This is perfect if you want to access or move your wallet to a more secure space. The second case will only take you through the entire wallet creation process, which is what we will choose.



On the next screen is the set of terms and conditions of use of MetaMask. We recommend you read them before to know your rights and duties in the use of this wallet. Also so that you know what data will be tracked and used while using MetaMask. If you agree with the terms, you can click “Accept” and continue with the next step: the creation of the wallet password.

Generating the wallet password


We recommend you create a strong password, which meets at least these three requirements:

  1. Have a minimum length of 10 characters.
  2. That the password contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers and at least one symbol (#, $, %, among others)
  3. Do not store the wallet key in your browser or computer.

These steps will help you create a strong password as your first line of defense in the event someone gains unauthorized access to your computer.


The next point is to make an exact copy of the MetaMask seed phrase or backup key. In total there are 12 random words that will ensure you recover the wallet in any case. You must copy the words as they appear on your screen. Copy them on a piece of paper, clearly and legibly, and keep it in a safe space, which only you can access. Remember that if someone has access to your seed phrase, they have access to your wallet.

Seed Phrase in MetaMask


Once you copy the words, you will need to click « Next » and go through the confirmation process. Don’t worry, this process only consists of typing the words of the seed phrase into the computer and thus confirming that you have all the words copied correctly. At the end of this step, you will have finished configuring your MetaMask and can start using it.


MetaMask installed and enabled


What can I do with MetaMask?

  1. It allows you to manage balances in ETH by default. That is, MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet and is completely decentralized.
  2. It allows the management and control of ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Ethereum tokens. So, you will be able to handle most of the tokens that exist in this network without problems.
  3. It is able to help you manage the issue of commissions (Gas) in a personalized way.
  4. It offers the ability to interface with any other blockchain that uses the Web3 standard. Thanks to this, networks such as Polygon or BNB Chain can be used through MetaMask, including their tokens.
  5. It is the key to interact with the dApps of all the networks that you can connect to it.

In short, MetaMask is a multipurpose and extremely powerful tool. As a wallet, it offers you enormous flexibility and security. As a means of Web3 interaction, it has all the capabilities to offer you the best experience. For example, you can use your MetaMask to connect with dApps, such as Uniswap (DEX). With a DAO, like MakerDAO or Aragon. Or take your first steps in the metaverse, in Decentraland or Sandbox. Also for games and NFTs, like Axie Infinity.

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