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How to open your a profitable barbershop in Nigeria 

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The profitability of the hairdressing business in Nigeria, like any business aimed at satisfying natural needs, depends on the quality of services and their cost. In addition, there are a number of factors that determine how successful a project will be. A non-exhaustive list is as follows:

  1. Location of the hair salon.
  2. The level of potential demand.
  3. The format of the hairdressing salon.
  4. The presence of competitors and their capabilities.
  5. Financial and organizational capabilities of the owner of a hairdressing salon.


To this list you can add, for example, the situation with trained staff for the future institution, relations with local authorities and much more. The future owner, before opening a hairdressing salon, should analyze the totality of all the circumstances on which his project depends, and, based on this analysis, develop an action plan. 

The business plan of a hairdressing salon in Nigeria is exactly the document that will allow you to systematize the information received and describe the sequence of measures that will allow you to successfully implement the project and ensure the successful functioning of the business in the future.

Project Summary


The first section to include in a barbershop business plan in Nigeria is a resume. The summary section should contain, in a concise form, considerations indicating the possibility of successful implementation of the project. This section should include the following information:

  1. Salon location. In this paragraph, you need to indicate the area where you plan to place a hairdresser.
    The expected number of customers and their financial condition depend on whether it will be located in the city center, on the outskirts in a residential area or near a busy highway.
  2. Information about the mode of operation of institution.
  3. Information about what level of wealth of potential customers the hairdresser will focus on.

In addition, the summary may include assumptions about the direction in which the project will develop qualitatively and quantitatively. 

Barbershop marketing plan


The marketing section should cover the state of the relevant market segment in the proposed location of the salon. It needs to include the following data:

  1. The presence of competing establishments within walking distance of your hairdresser.
  2. Competitor format.
  3. Analysis of the dynamics of supply and demand for hairdressing services over the past few years.
  4. Forecast for the development of the market for these services in the coming years.

Important. Be sure to measure the scale of your project with the scale of marketing research.

If we are talking about opening a small salon for people of moderate income, then there is no point in attracting specialized firms to conduct marketing research and analysis. In addition, their services are not cheap, and the conclusions that are made on the basis of their analytical methods are often criticized. Therefore, first of all, you need to rely on your worldly experience, common sense and observation. This is often enough to make an informed decision.

The concept of the institution


The question of whether to include this section in the business plan of a hairdressing salon, each future entrepreneur decides for himself. But there is no doubt that before you open a hairdressing salon, it will be useful to get a fairly complete and detailed idea of ​​the most significant aspects of its activities.

Let’s consider some of them: 

  • The style of the institution is dictated by the range of customers for whom it is designed. It also determines the design of the premises and features of service.
  • Barbershop format. This, for example, can be an economy class establishment for people of average wealth or an elite salon that provides more expensive services for wealthy clients.
  • In addition to the financial situation of potential clients that make up the target group of the salon, their social characteristics are of great importance. It is a well-known fact that of all consumers of hairdressing services, only a quarter are men. Also, the specifics of the service are influenced, for example, by a large percentage of potential clientele of students or office clerks.

All this taken together forms the image of the institution, which leaves a certain imprint on all its future activities.

Hairdresser services

The list of services is determined based on the concept of the service. In other words, it directly depends on the format of the institution, the target group of customers and style. The minimum set of services typical for economy class establishments looks like this:

  • haircut;
  • hair dyeing;
  • model hairstyles;
  • manicure.

With an increase in class or expansion of production, the list of services expands accordingly.

Choosing a room for a hairdresser

This part of the business plan includes all the information regarding what needs to be done to create and operate a hairdressing salon. The main place in it is occupied by information relating to the premises of the future hairdresser.

Premises associated with the service of people must meet a number of requirements. The requirements for the premises of a hairdressing salon relate to almost all of its characteristics and parameters. 

The ground floor is best suited for the salon. The upper floors of the building, as well as the semi-basements, are not very suitable for the salon. In addition, such an arrangement of the premises imposes additional requirements on the owners of the hairdressing salon regarding fire safety and the sanitary condition of the staircases.

It is advisable to take care of transferring the salon premises to non-residential stock in advance, this will avoid many problems and exclude some requirements for its maintenance. But at the same time, the requirements for the state of communications, ventilation and compliance with sanitary standards will still remain in force.

30-40 m2 is enough for the production room of the economy class salon. In addition, it is necessary to provide for a utility room, a bathroom, a wardrobe and a place where visitors can wait in line. This is a necessary minimum, which can be significantly expanded with an increase in the number of jobs for craftsmen.




The requirements for personnel relate, first of all, to their professional skills. It is necessary that the qualification of each master is confirmed by the relevant documents and certificates. But you should not completely trust the papers. Each master must prove his skill in practice. For small hairdressers, it is also very important that each of the masters can replace another employee if necessary.

But the requirements for personnel are not limited to this. To work with people, each of the employees must have certain qualities that will ensure a healthy moral climate in the team and good relations with customers. Naturally, they must strictly comply with the requirements of the employment contract. 

The staffing table for an economy class hairdressing salon, at a minimum, should include the following items:

  • generalist hairdressers;
  • manicure masters;
  • cleaning woman;
  • cashier administrator.

Hairdressing salon equipment

The requirements for the equipment are that it should allow you to fully provide the full range of hairdressing services. The list of required equipment looks like this:

  • hair clippers;
  • towel dryers;
  • hair dryers;
  • combs, scissors, curling irons;
  • chairs equipped with a lifting mechanism;
  • furniture, mirrors.

In addition, it is highly desirable to equip the cabin with devices that can ensure its operation in the event of a power or water outage. These include, for example, an uninterruptible power supply and a hot water boiler.

How much does it cost to open a barbershop from scratch in Nigeria?


For potential investors, it is important to see the financial section of the hairdressing business plan with calculations confirming its profitability. The timing of the return on investment, as well as the profit that the institution will bring in the future, directly depends on this indicator. But the demands of investors are not the only reason for the special importance of the financial section. It is of interest to government agencies and potential partners.

Let’s consider what profitability the project can have, provided that we are talking about an economy class hairdressing salon.


Required investments consist of the following positions:

Barbing Salon Equipment Prices for VIP Standard


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Equipment/Tool Price Item Quantity
Renting a shop N250,000 or above 1
Generator ₦10,0000 or above 2
Air Conditioner (A.C) N80,000 or above 3 to 5
Music/Sound System ₦55,000 or above 1
Clippers ₦15,000 10 to 20
Rotating Barbing Chair ₦60,000 or above 5 to 10
Sterilizer/Warmer ₦45,000 for each Barber
Combs/Brush ₦10,000 for each Barber.
Wall Mirrors ₦30,000 or above 3 large size
Neck Strips ₦1,500 20 pieces
Shaving Brush/Powder Slot ₦1,500 for each barber
Hair Conditioners Not fixed Necessary ones
Neck Tissue Paper ₦1,000 Not fixed

Barbing Salon Equipment Prices for small or Moderate Standard.

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Renting a shop N36000 or above 1
Generator  ₦50000 or above 1
Air Conditioner (A.C) N80000 or above 1 or use fan
Standing Fan N20000 1 standard fan
Music/Sound System ₦25000 1
Clippers ₦15000 3 to 5
Rotating Barbing Chair ₦30000 or above 2 to 4
Sterilizer/Warmer ₦25000 2
Combs/Brush ₦1000 for each Barber.
Wall Mirrors ₦10000 or above large size
Neck Strips  ₦1500 5 pieces
Shaving Brush/Powder Slot ₦1500 for each barber


Naturally, in each individual case, the numbers may vary, but the presented business plan for a hairdressing salon with calculations clearly shows that, with proper business management, a barbershop in Nigeria can provide its owner with a stable income.

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