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How to Run a Dispatch Agency in Nigeria

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Dispatch companies have been a fairly lucrative business since their inception, but a modality that has been in vogue for some years is that of dispatch motorbike riders. 

Whether due to the rise of the environmental movement or because it is a fairly cheap and profitable form of employment, more and more companies are taking motorbikes into account as a means of transport to make their shipments and deliver to clients in different locations.

Why set up a dispatch agency in Nigeria?


Food delivery drivers are driving to deliver products to customers who order online.


In the first instance, because it requires a fairly low investment compared to other businesses. You can even start by hiring staff who already have their own vehicle, in order to avoid the expense of buying motorcycles.

In turn, it is a business that can be set up in any city in Nigeria, so wherever you are, you can give this idea a chance to earn more naira to your account.


On the other hand, it is a business that does not require too much maintenance, otherwise it would be to use motor vehicles. So the monthly expenses would not reduce the net billing too much.

It can also be said that deliveries can take the same time to be made or be made even in less time, since many motoboys end up having to deal with congestion, which does not happen with motorcycles.

And last but not least, because it is a commercial activity that is completely friendly to the environment.


How to set up a Dispatch Rider’s agency in Nigeria


Biker in motion.


If you want to start a business of this type in Nigeria, then we will tell you what you must take into account to achieve it. Take note!

  • Business plan.

Before carrying out your project, you must prepare a document in which you enter all the pertinent data to know if its profitability is feasible. This includes a market study and an analysis of direct competition (other dispatch agencies) and indirect competition (motor and bicycle delivery agencies).

  • Location


Although you don’t need such a large office, there needs to be a physical location where bikes can be stored while not in use. The motorcyclists who work for you must go to the center every day, especially if they need to look for their vehicle there, so it must be in a central and easily accessible place.

On the other hand, it must be located near the urban and commercial agglomeration, so that deliveries are made in the shortest possible time.

  • Structure


In addition to the bike parking, there must be an administrative office to manage the business. Although not many employees are required for these functions, there should be restrooms and a dining area for them.

The cyclists, for their part, should have an area to rest and a changing room. Also, if you wish, you can set up a room for the maintenance of motorcycle.

  • Furniture and equipment.


It refers to everything that will be inside the central, such as tables, chairs, desks, shelves, filing cabinets, computers, telephones, etc. In addition to office equipment, there must be work equipment for cyclists.

  • Personal.


To be a motorcycle dispatcher, you do not need a specific academic degree; however, not everyone can do this job. One reality is that it demands a lot of physical effort, so those who apply for the job must be in good health and physical condition.

Most of the day they must pedal and riding a bike for pleasure is not the same as riding a full-time job.

To facilitate their work, you must provide them with the necessary equipment if they do not have it: the motorcycles, protectors, special clothing, horn, reflective sticker, bike basket, food (they must have fixed times for each meal, including snacks), hydration , etc.

The number of cyclists will depend on the volume of parcels and the routes there are, so you will know it by calculating a monthly average.



  • Services

In the credit of your business you can include more than one service, as long as it is related to home deliveries. Some examples are the following:

Express deliveries – For a higher cost than usual, you can deliver a package urgently so that it arrives immediately at its destination.

    • Messenger rental. If multiple deliveries need to be made in one day, the cyclist can be hired by the hour.
    • Food delivery service – If the person wishes, they could ask the courier to buy food in a specific place and take it to their home or office.
    • Service for companies – You can offer your cyclists as subcontracted personnel to work in companies that require a fixed delivery service, such as restaurants, drugstores, markets, cafeterias, etc.


  • Marketing 

One of the most important aspects for the success of any business is gaining visibility. To start, you can invest in brochures, which are the cheapest type of traditional advertising that exists after word of mouth.

You can also create profiles on social networks to publicize your business, and you could even invest in the creation of a website to expose in detail the services you offer and that potential customers can contact you to make their quotes and orders.

Finally, you can take advantage of the fact that cyclists are on the streets for several hours a day and use both them and the motorcycles as an advertising medium. If they are your vehicles, you can label them with the name of your company and the couriers can wear a uniform that also identifies them.

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