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How to sell on Twitter? 6 tips to succeed in Nigeria

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With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is the most popular social network for building a community of prospects and loyal customers. Consumers are connected daily on this network and this is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and sell your products. It is still necessary to have the right ingredients to achieve the expected objectives.


How to sell on Twitter in Nigeria?





Highlighted below are proven methods to teach you how to teach ways to earn with Twitter in Nigeria.


1. Use promotional tweets


With more than 500 million tweets sent every day, Twitter has become the social network par excellence for making yourself known and for exchanging. The number of users is growing, promotional tweets, therefore, become a golden opportunity for a company that wishes to enhance its brand or exchange with its prospects.

Investing in a tweet campaign offering promotions or special offers to followers is a modern and profitable way. With this type of action, the company gains visibility and undeniably has a much better chance of reaching its target audience. Especially the fact of selling on Twitter with a promotional tweet is extremely simple. It’s the same principle as a normal tweet.

Subscribers have the option to reply and retweet if they want it. An attractive and time-limited offer creates envy among prospects and often the act of purchase ensues. That’s why promotional tweets are a great investment.


2. Have quality customer service


A significant advantage of the Twitter social network is the customer service it offers. Today’s consumers don’t want to wait, they want quick answers to their questions or problems. They want multi-channel proximity by having the choice of being able to contact a company by different means of communication.

Twitter makes it possible to strengthen customer service by playing on this proximity. Prospects or customers can contact a brand at any time simply by going through the “Message” functionality. In just a few clicks, they have the possibility of opening a discussion, asking their question, and, above all, obtaining a quick response.


Twitter also offers companies to insert a URL link to send a message directly. VS’ This is a criterion that consumers expect: direct and rapid contact. Offering quality customer service is a guarantee of trust for subscribers.


3. Keep subscribers informed

With millions of tweets written every day, a brand must keep in touch with its subscribers by offering them regular tweets. Indeed, so many tweets are published every day, every minute, that a company must imperatively be regular concerning its publications.


Tweeting several times a day is even ideal. This permanent proximity gives value to your brand and above all allows it to enter the daily lives of subscribers. Keeping in touch with prospects allows you not to lose your visibility and above all to face competition, which is often quite tough.


It is therefore a matter of serious and intensive work to be provided by the company wishing to sell on Twitter, but the positive effects have been proven. L’ company can thus share events that affect it directly such as anniversary dates, new products, etc. The more information a brand delivers to subscribers, the more the bond of trust is created with them.


Take an interest in your prospects constantly
To be closer to its subscribers and to know their daily habits, the company that wishes to sell on Twitter must follow them continuously.

The best way to do this is simply to follow his followers by checking their tweets, seeing what topics they are interested in, and seeing which ones come back the most. This is how a company can best identify its prospects and adapt its offers. A brand must follow trends and constantly adapt to them to meet the needs of consumers.

A differentiating criterion of the Twitter network is that it offers the possibility of collecting leads with the “lead generation cards” functionality. These are cards encouraging followers to act such as signing up or testing a product for free. With one click, consumers are redirected to the company’s site. The conversion rate is increased significantly with this feature.


4. Optimize company profile

A company wishing to stand out on Twitter and want to impact its subscribers at first glance must optimize its profile. As with any subscriber, Twitter allows you to write a biography to present your brand, activity, products, etc. This step is not to be neglected, because it reflects the image of the company. The latter can insert its values, its logo, and its design. It is essential to maintain an identical design on Twitter and on its website, for example, so that the brand is recognizable by Internet users.

An optimized profile is a reinforced brand image and thus trust can be created little by little with subscribers. Because we must not forget that a consumer always buys from a brand in which he offers his confidence.

Trust is earned by providing clear and reliable information. 40% of Twitter users have purchased after seeing it on the social network, which reflects the strong impact that this network has on how prospects buy.


5. Communicate with the community


Here is one of the most important elements to sell on Twitter: the exchange! To win prospects and turn them into loyal customers, a company must above all communicate with its subscribers. This is characterized simply by replying to comments, posts and commenting on other tweets. We must not forget that Twitter is a social network of exchanges and not of sale at the base.

Subscribers register on the platform to discover profiles, to discuss, not to consume. It is by creating these exchanges that trust is created between a brand and its subscribers.

Building your community therefore takes time and requires regular work with permanent exchanges. A company should not set aside its followers at the risk of losing them forever.




Selling on Twitter is a great opportunity for a brand. This should be seen as a real sales strategy in its own right. The returns are no longer to be proven. Knowing how to use the platform is the key to gaining visibility and thus converting prospects.

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